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Latest Articles

The Haphazard Beginnings of a 5 Month Sailing Trip

looking out to sea from a sailboat, mountains in the distance

A Brazilian woman embarks on her first sailing adventure.

The Hitchhiker Code

a person holds an umbrella while walking through a crowd in Paris

A night in the life of an American walking the streets of Paris.


a variety of Sportsmobiles

All about the company, working with them on your next van, and what it’s like living and traveling out one – whether you’re a young single woman or a family of five.

Choosing the Right RV Park for Beginners

a Class C RV parked beneath a Joshua Tree

Some useful tips on easing into the RV lifestyle, or just taking a camping vacation, for first time campers.

Bad to Güd: Life Lessons From a Fifty-Two Day Road Trip

the sunsetting over the desert, reflecting off of a roadtrek class b rv

A retired couple experiences life away from their 4000 square foot home on a pilgrimage to discover life in general via their Roadtrek Class B RV.

From the Blog

A Sportsmobile Review

a van camps beneath a heart-shaped tree

Thoughts on working with Sportsmobile.

Lobster Bisque While Camping

lobster and steak, cooked on a campfire

How to cook fresh lobster on the road or at your campsite.

Greetings from Hot Springs, Arkansas!

two boys study a map along hot springs arkansas' trails

Town itself is a bit of a disappointment. A run down strip mall, long gone from its glory days with signs faded, crumbling and neon burned out maybe decades ago, it’s nothing to write home about. A Kroger grocery store smells of 1990s milk spoiled in the vinyl flooring’s cracks and jars of olives that […]

Featured Articles

Van Life in New Zealand: Your Ultimate Guide to New Zealand’s Roads

a van parked alongside a road in New Zealand

Ready to dive deep into the world of van life in New Zealand? Let’s make your road trip epic with this comprehensive and laid-back guide! Whether you’re cruising through landscapes straight out of a postcard or navigating the urban vibes of Kiwi cities, we’ve got you covered. Choosing Your Ride Your journey begins with picking […]

Discovering the Diversity of Lake Atitlan, Guatemala


An in-depth guide from real travelers to Lake Antigua, Guatemala.

Vanlife Roadtrip Through Arkansas

a sportsmobile van parked at a lush campground in Arkansas

Cities, national parks, national forests, skateparks and great van camping in Arkansas, the Natural State.

Snowbirding Defined

RVs lined up in a row against a beach in Florida

The best places to survive the winter in your RV, including temperatures and pricing across California, Arizona, Texas and Florida.

Seven Non-techy Ways to Make a Living While Traveling Full-time

a backpack in the window of a moving vehicle

Various ways traveler’s make a living outside of the world wide web.

Dear American Dream

old glory waving reflective a twilight sky

A traveling mom’s breakup note with corporate America.

The Classics

Save $1000 a Month, Plus Infinite Benefits. The Secret? Travel Full-time


Save $1000 / month through travel. Caution: side effects may be seeing the world, more time with family and intense satisfaction.

A Complete Guide to RV Camping in State Parks of the United States

a vintage 1976 airstream travel trailer at big bend ranch state park, surrounded by blue skies and big mountains

Every state park in the fifty United States which offers camping suitable for RVs. Info on fees, hookups & more.

The Complete Guide to Choosing and Buying RVs for Full-Time Traveling

a sea of different types of RVs populating an RV park in Missoula, Montana

We cover every type of RV, including vans and travel trailers, and what they’re like to travel full-time in + how to look through one when you buy it and so very much more!

How Much Does RV Camping Cost per Night?

an rv driving through an autumn forest on a lonely road

Charts and statistics on every state in the United States. How much private and public campgrounds cost, as well as free camping, focus on RVs and vanlife.

Showering & Bathrooms

an outhouse in a barren field

Where to find hot, clean showers and how to relieve yourself for those travelers who have no built-in shower and bathroom.

Save $4,476 a Year by Living on the Road Full-time

sunset reflecting in the side of an RV

Is it expensive to travel full-time? Or can it actually be cheaper?

How Everything in an RV Works

simple RV blueprint

From electrical wiring to dumping your sewage, the unabridged guide to everything RV.

The Realities of Living in a VW Bus


The ups, downs and all arounds of the realities of living in a 5×7 foot home.

How to Make a Living on the Road


A plethora of information from initial steps to actual positions that are traveling compliant to stories of people who are already doing it. We live and work on the road, so can you!

Living in a Truck Camper

a beautiful truck camper, decked out for travel, on a beach

The 100% 411 on choosing a truck camper for full-time traveling and overlanding. The different styles, pros, cons and real world examples from a couple who has done it for years.

Free Camping in the National Forests of the United States

a simple ford van camping near Telluride, Colorado

A thorough guide to camping in national forests. Sorted by state, awesomeness, and more stuff the camper in you will love.

How to Identify Trees for Beginners

various tree identification books stacked against a green backpack

How to get started identifying trees. Covers conifers and broadleafs, with a focus on the Western United States. Free printable pocket guide.