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Latest Articles

Vanlife Roadtrip Through Arkansas

a sportsmobile van parked at a lush campground in Arkansas

Cities, national parks, national forests, skateparks and great van camping in Arkansas, the Natural State.

Dogs and Boats: 5 Safety Tips When Sailing With Your Dog

a dog wearing a life jacket on a boat dock

Expert advice on keeping your dog safe and happy at sea.

How to Not Kill Your Kids on a Cross Country Road Trip

a rental RV parked in a parking lot alongside the road

A dad provides tips on making long driving days a little easier.

Nomad Life in an RV: How Full-time Travel Changed Our Lives

a millenial couple holds hands in front of their truck and travel trailer

A millennial couple unhappy with a traditional life, yet not completely sold on traveling in an RV, discuss how their choice to live that way has affected their lives.

Not All Good Canadians Live in an Igloo: Living Out of a Vehicle During COVID

adjusting the dials on the dashboard heater, a man and his sleeping bag brave the northern canadian winter

A man paints the life of full-time living out of his car, in Canada, during the winter, and COVID 19.

Eight Stunning National Parks in the US to Revisit

a lone bison stands in a prairie near a river in Yellowstone National Park

From well-known spots like Zion to wildlife refuges where you’ll have the place all to yourself (except for the eagles!), a hopeful look at 2021 being the summer of adventure.

From the Blog

Nature Deficit Disorder

a badlands mountainscape

Sydnie makes an escape plan, from COVID, from being trapped at home, her kids with too much screen time, her husband quarantined away from the family. The story of family taking life by the reigns and exploring nature as the cure to it all.

How Deep Is a Mother’s Love?

a deep, if not one of the deepest, canyons

A vault toilet, a phone and a long, long drop…

Exploring the Berlin Art Scene

black and white photo of Berlin, Germany

Deleuze remembers visiting the vibrant art and photography scene of Berlin, Germany, as a younger man.

Featured Articles

Roadschool Lesson Ideas for the Traveling Family

two young boys working on an art project at a campground

Over a dozen specific ideas for lessons for teaching your kids everything from reading and math to how to create their own video game.

Camping in Georgia State Parks

the sun shining through a cypress forest growing out of the water at a lake in georgia

All of the Peach State’s state parks, filterable by camping type, videos, photos and more information.

The Game of Point

two brothers toss a frisbee back and forth at a free camping spot in Colorado

A fun and simple game to teach sportsmanship and kids to catch and throw balls and frisbees.

Most Popular

Cell Phone Signal Boosters: How Well Do They Work?

a van and tent camping near a river in Wyoming

A review of one specific cell phone booster which we think is an ideal size for vans, and thoughts on cell phone signal boosters in general.

Greetings from the Outer Banks

A family walks along a boardwalk near the ocean in Cape Hatteras National Seashore

Slow days full of perhaps the Southeast’s best beaches for nature lovers and peace, quiet and tranquility in general.

Jackery: Portable Solar Power Station

close up shot of a portable power bank with a display showing info as outlined in this article and multiple in and out ports

The most glowing review we’ve ever given anything to date, this little portable power supply that’s also solar-powered is simply awesome.

The Classics

Save $1000 a Month, Plus Infinite Benefits. The Secret? Travel Full-time


Save $1000 / month through travel. Caution: side effects may be seeing the world, more time with family and intense satisfaction.

A Complete Guide to RV Camping in State Parks of the United States

a vintage 1976 airstream travel trailer at big bend ranch state park, surrounded by blue skies and big mountains

Every state park in the fifty United States which offers camping suitable for RVs. Info on fees, hookups & more.

The Complete Guide to Choosing and Buying RVs for Full-Time Traveling

a sea of different types of RVs populating an RV park in Missoula, Montana

We cover every type of RV, including vans and travel trailers, and what they’re like to travel full-time in + how to look through one when you buy it and so very much more!

How Much Does RV Camping Cost per Night?

an rv driving through an autumn forest on a lonely road

Charts and statistics on every state in the United States. How much private and public campgrounds cost, as well as free camping, focus on RVs and vanlife.

Showering & Bathrooms

an outhouse in a barren field

Where to find hot, clean showers and how to relieve yourself for those travelers who have no built-in shower and bathroom.

How Everything in an RV Works

simple RV blueprint

From electrical wiring to dumping your sewage, the unabridged guide to everything RV.

Save $4,476 a Year by Living on the Road Full-time

sunset reflecting in the side of an RV

Is it expensive to travel full-time? Or can it actually be cheaper?

How to Make a Living on the Road


A plethora of information from initial steps to actual positions that are traveling compliant to stories of people who are already doing it. We live and work on the road, so can you!

Living in a Truck Camper

a beautiful truck camper, decked out for travel, on a beach

The 100% 411 on choosing a truck camper for full-time traveling and overlanding. The different styles, pros, cons and real world examples from a couple who has done it for years.

The Realities of Living in a VW Bus


The ups, downs and all arounds of the realities of living in a 5×7 foot home.

Free Camping in the National Forests of the United States

a simple ford van camping near Telluride, Colorado

A thorough guide to camping in national forests. Sorted by state, awesomeness, and more stuff the camper in you will love.

How to Identify Trees for Beginners

various tree identification books stacked against a green backpack

How to get started identifying trees. Covers conifers and broadleafs, with a focus on the Western United States. Free printable pocket guide.