2012 Year in Review for Wand’rly Magazine

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Now that the dust has settled on 2013, Obama has been sworn in, and the gyms are getting back to normal attendance as everyone goes back to smoking, donut breakfasts and not reading that book anymore, we thought we’d look back at the first calendar year of Wand’rly Magazine.

In 2012, Wand’rly showed over 6000 people how to make a living on the road, including tales of actual nomadic workers and examples of real work to be done while traveling full-time. Over 5000 folks read the stories of minimalists, those folks who avoid possessions in favor of the freedom and real living that come in their stead.

We explored the lives of buskers, aka street musicians, of a family who roadschooled their three children from kindergarten through high school graduation, and explained how the United States Highway System works.

We took you on photographic journeys of mountain forests and coastal beaches, big cities and small towns. Last April, Wand’rly began its journey in sylvan Asheville, North Carolina, wound its way up Highway 101 and the Oregon Coast, circled Ithaca, New York and the Finger Lakes, hiked until happy hour in Bisbee, Arizona and the Mule Mountains, and took you on a walking tour of a renaissance happening in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania.

We taught you how to create your own blog, explored the facts behind whether hitchhiking is safe or not, and showed you how to get a vacation rental for free.

We also successfully funded a Kickstarter campaign, where we raised over $14,000 which we’ve been using to pay writers for stories like the Mama Bus Trip and Road to Hana. We’re also working hard on getting the magazine into Apple’s Newsstand and exploring other means of distribution.

We began working with Roadtrippers.com and Google’s Field Trip app to help travelers discover even more interesting stuff when they’re away from their computers and actually out on the road.

So What’s Next?

We’ve got some exciting new things on the horizon, too. We’re working with hopeful travelers to help them get organized, find their particular means of travel, and hit the road. And we’ll be “live blogging” it, too.

This year we plan to cover, in depth, typical “obstacles” to travel like how to do it with kids, including an exhaustively thorough guide on homeschooling, roadschooling and unschooling. We plan to tackle the exact steps needed to successfully purchase yourself an RV to call home while you have no particular place to call home.

We’ll be exploring the Great Lakes, Minneapolis, South Dakota. We hope to get lost in the Tetons and Glacier, cross the border into British Columbia and circle the Olympic Peninsula. And that’s all before the leaves change.

Expect to hear a lot more about our Airstream renovation, about bicycle touring, and follow along as we tour the charm that is the Southern Coast.

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