The Story of a Family of Five Living, Working & Traveling in a VW Bus

This is the personal story of our family, a mom who's willing to live small and go far, their three children raised and born on the road, and the dad who convinced them all to do it.

Wand'rly has also played host to a variety of bloggers over the years, including a couple hitchhiking around Europe, the adventures of a female solo traveler and a couple who lives and sails around the Atlantic on their boat.

A Brief Recollection of a Year in Mexico, or Four Seasons with Five People in a VW Bus

We thought we'd go to Baja for a couple of months. A year later, we're in Quintana Roo. Where to next? [read it!]

Young Men on the Road

Tristan is flying internationally by himself for the first time. He’s 15 and couldn’t be more excited for his arrival in Pittsburgh, PA, just before Thanksgiving. Snow and all, there is absolutely nowhere he’d rather be come tomorrow night. He packs his bag full of clothes made for a long year in the eternal summer [read it!]

Living with Little

Thoughts on how living simply allows us to travel the world full-time, and enjoy more experiences, expensive foods and more...all in exchange for low monthly bills and never needing to clean out the garage. [read it!]

Free Kayaking in Placencia, Belize

Get free kayak rentals with an affordable stay at the Tradewinds cabanas in Placencia, Belize. [read it!]

two boys stand with paddles, next to a kayak and the Caribbean sea, their older brother swimming in the pristine waters

Halloween in Placencia, Belize

Festivities for adults and kids, including costume contests, parades and free jello shots! [read it!]

three children dressed up as mummies, skeletons and ghouls for Halloween in Belize

Greetings from Placencia, Belize

Taking advantage of the off season in Belize to enjoy a slower, more affordable tropical paradise. [read it!]

two wooden chairs next to the caribbean sea in placencia, belize

Coming Soon: Beautiful, Feature Rich Travel Blogs from the Folks Behind Wand’rly

To write a travel blog is a dream for lots of people who set out to travel full-time (or otherwise). You can get a free blog from sites like, with tons of options…and complications. Similarly, you can set your own blog up, uploading FTP files, managing plugin updates, dig through thousands of themes to [read it!]

Free to Range

Paychecks, showers and misappropriation of breath... [read it!]

Our Family’s Traveling Timeline

What in the brick and mortar is a full-time traveler anyway? [read it!]

And with the Policia Lights Flashing, Saludos from Mazatlan!

The ferry ride from La Paz to the Mexican Mainland was...interesting. And difficult to obtain. But worth it. Woohoo Mainland here we come! [read it!]

a 1978 VW Bus, on a ferry from La Paz, BCS to Mazatlan, MX

The Wisest Owls in Mexico

Living in cities with humans. [read it!]

Saludos from Cabo San Lucas!

It's not only Spring break here, there's a city to explore! [read it!]

Saludos from Los Barriles!

This swath of Baja changes things significantly... [read it!]

Saluda from La Paz in Beautiful Baja California!

Falling in and out of love with La Paz... [read it!]

a 1978 champagne edition volkswagen bus parked in front of geraldo's in la paz, b.c.s., mexico