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Saludos from San Miguel de Allende

Finding craft beers and gorgeous dilapidation in this ex-pat haven in the center of Mexico. [read it!]

vandwelling in san miguel de allende mexico

Our Family’s Traveling Timeline

What in the brick and mortar is a full-time traveler anyway? [read it!]

And with the Policia Lights Flashing, Saludos from Mazatlan!

The ferry ride from La Paz to the Mexican Mainland was...interesting. And difficult to obtain. But worth it. Woohoo Mainland here we come! [read it!]

a 1978 VW Bus, on a ferry from La Paz, BCS to Mazatlan, MX

Saludos from Guanajuato, Mexico

A place to stay above it all in Guanajuato, MX. [read it!]

a vw bus and a vw beetle parked above guanajuato

The Wisest Owls in Mexico

Living in cities with humans. [read it!]

Saludos from Cabo San Lucas!

It's not only Spring break here, there's a city to explore! [read it!]

Saludos from Los Barriles!

This swath of Baja changes things significantly... [read it!]

Saluda from La Paz in Beautiful Baja California!

Falling in and out of love with La Paz... [read it!]

a 1978 champagne edition volkswagen bus parked in front of geraldo's in la paz, b.c.s., mexico

Musings on Mexico, Part 1

First impressions of what Mexico, or rather Baja California, is like... [read it!]

Saludos from Loreto!

We trail behind the Mali Mish mini-Mish for a week of working and hot showers in Loreto, Baja California Sur... [read it!]

a 1989 Volkswagen LT parked in Rivera del Mar, Loreto, Baja California Sur

Saludos from Agua Verde Fish Camp!

Ne'er a road as thin, steep, rocky or more beautiful have we driven in this Volkswagen moseyhome on the road of ours... [read it!]

a teenager standing on a cliff overlooking the bay of agua verde

Saludos from Santa Rosalia!

The working town of Santa Rosalia, Baja California Sur, and stingray infested waters beyond... [read it!]

a 1978 Champagne Edition Volkswagen Bus parked between a rickety palapa and a date palm

Saludos from Bahia de Concepcion, Paradise Found in Baja California Sur!

We opt for the less likely campground multiple times as we continue skipping down the Baja...and it always seems to work out. [read it!]

a beautiful woman stands in front of her beautiful VW bus

Saludos from Ojo de Liebre, Home of the Grey Whales!

Petting grey whales, clamming and steadying friendships in Baja California... [read it!]

Sunset over the Pacific, a truck camper, volkswagen bus and their families surround