Full-time Travel Blogs on Wand’rly

We’ve hosted a plethora of blogs over the years, written by talented travelers from across the world.

Below are those stories, neatly organized. Or just get the latest posts as they’re written at the main blog.


a ford van parked in the aspens of colorado

Our newest blog, where we explore off-grid homesteading while living out of our van.


a 1978 VW Bus

A family's adventures living in their 1978 VW Bus.


two boys stand in the doorway of a vintage airstream

We spent three years living full-time in a vintage 1976 Airstream.

The Rising Road

a woman hitchhikes through Europe

Jo Magpie hitchhikes around Europe, living in hostels and speaking multiple languages.

Zidar & Fabio

a woman fixing a boat

Kate Zidar and Fabio Brunazzi live full-time on their sailboat.

In Search of...

a vw golf with stuff all around it

Amanda Bloom spent her traveling days living out of a 1988 VW Golf.


a class C RV on route 66

Our first year on the road, and boy and his father, living out of a Class C RV.

More from the Blog


Thoughts that don't always fit neatly into other categories.


Everything from how to fix things on an Airstream to how to tell your family you're hitting the road.


Short accounts of our family's travels organized as digital postcards.


Thoughts on specific places to which one might wish to travel.


Occasional full interviews with travelers we feature in the magazine.