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Amanda Bloom lived out of a 1988 VW Golf as she traveled the country. This is her tale.

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The Things in My Car

Our latest blogger, Amanda Bloom, throws us into her world; exploring how she became a townie, why she decided to leave, and the contents of the 1988 VW Golf she calls her traveling companion. [read it!]

a small hatchback car adorned in enough clothes to serve the purposes of a young woman beginning a journey into the wide world...

Day One: The Universe Will Meet You

Serendipity and the fog of Vermont welcome Amanda further down her road... [read it!]

a contrasty road of tree-lined, canopied twistiness

Pennsylvania Lessons in Distracted Driving

Lessons on keeping your eyes on the road... [read it!]

a sign in a field beneath a cottonball sky reads X marks the spot, why die?

In Farming & in Marriage, Hard Work Never Hurts

"You have to try," said Wendy. "Young people don't nowadays, they give up. You've got to put up with everything." [read it!]

an old farmhouse

Montana: A Love Story

Amanda's thoughts on Big Sky Country... [read it!]

purple clouds over a wide open green field

Going It Alone

Route 35 in Montana made me homesick. I was savoring the passenger seat of a friend’s car as we headed towards Glacier National Park, where the rain would ultimately deter us from camping and send us to the small town of Whitefish 25 miles southwest. Trees shot up out of the expanse¬†as we skirted Flathead [read it!]

a bright tent against the dull of montana backdrop

Road Blues

Amanda speaks to how she combats depression from the road. [read it!]

foggy sunset behind telephone wires and trees

Road Weary

The Northwest Pacific Ocean was freezing, rough, and full of sand. I made it there in mid-October, nine weeks after leaving Connecticut. There were close to 6,000 new miles on my car, and she was running like a champ, save for a belt squealing, especially when it was wet out. After a weekend on the [read it!]