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Our Family’s Traveling Timeline

What in the brick and mortar is a full-time traveler anyway? [read it!]

Musings on Mexico, Part 1

First impressions of what Mexico, or rather Baja California, is like... [read it!]

Tarp City

Your forearms are the only pillow you should ever need. [read it!]

Christmas in Key Largo with the Ones You Love

I’m two days late, but it was on December 21st, 2009 that our lovely mama Renée finally made the decision to hop into a 1978 Volkswagen Bus with Tristan and I to float around this world. That’s a lifetime away now, another fuzzy memory different world I’m not sure even fully existed except now as [read it!]

What you don’t have and what you wish you could

You don’t have to be deep to be real. There’s no monumental feeling you must get from this sort of traveling life. Yeah, you tend to get it in general, but we don’t have to be hippies on the trail, burnt out and baked in the sun to understand how grandiose a life lived spectacular [read it!]

Being of Sound Mind and Body on an Autumn’s Evening

Thoughts on once again changing the pace of travel, this time beneath the foreboding glimmer of Autumn's leaf. [read it!]

Raising Babies on the Road

The youngest sleeps soundly in his Pack n’ Play. At recently 2 years old he’s crossed the nation and back, calling two vans, a Volkswagen Bus, various vacation houses, cabins and hotels home here and there, on and off. Born in the Smokey Mountains, he’ll have no recollection of his hometown other than what future [read it!]

A Feral Freedom to be Wild

Where horses have learned to live wild within this boundary of law, we find a sunsets bay worth of reminders of our own role in this world. [read it!]

a wild horse grazes in a campground on Assateague Island

Fabulous Wolves

I advance a note. A sum provided, with no expectation of repayment, to my boys. Tristan David, son of a steel city, but two generations before him would be toiling in mines is instead a roustabout recluse, polite and capable as a cowboy, and with an earnest way that few friends of mine have ever [read it!]

And Every Day from Now on, I’d Hope

A red lumberjack shirt and a life's worth of dirt in my toes. [read it!]

Late Night Contemplation and James T. Kirk

Thoughts on hard work, tedium and the dismissal of life in favor of robots. [read it!]

A Summer’s Hangover

I sit and stare at a screen for hours. Not like “a few hours”, but endless minutes ticking away the clock to rhythm away my eyeballs some fifteen years older than they should be. Code. Some design. More code. I’m building the Internet, the modern age, the furthest thing from the reality I want. Occasional [read it!]

Nostalgia, Finding Beauty, and Pennsylvania

We’ve been to places so full of cool stuff, I can remember certain times when we’d think things like, “Yeah, it’s okay,” about a monumental vista or gorgeous waterbound sunset. I’m thinking of Utah, where two weeks in Zion National Park was spectacular enough to leave us feeling like Bryce Canyon was just okay. Then [read it!]

A family tearing through the good times on an amusement park ride

Make Your Own Reality

Everything you've ever known can be disproven, if you'd like. [read it!]


We stay in one spot longer than most of our fellow travelers, at least many we consider friends (there are a lot of us out here these days!) That means life in houses, cabins, hotels and the Airstream alike. Transitions like that can have a major affect on people’s lives. Kids can get shaken up [read it!]