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Living with Little

Thoughts on how living simply allows us to travel the world full-time, and enjoy more experiences, expensive foods and more...all in exchange for low monthly bills and never needing to clean out the garage. [read it!]

Coming Soon: Beautiful, Feature Rich Travel Blogs from the Folks Behind Wand’rly

To write a travel blog is a dream for lots of people who set out to travel full-time (or otherwise). You can get a free blog from sites like, with tons of options…and complications. Similarly, you can set your own blog up, uploading FTP files, managing plugin updates, dig through thousands of themes to [read it!]

Our Family’s Traveling Timeline

What in the brick and mortar is a full-time traveler anyway? [read it!]

The Wisest Owls in Mexico

Living in cities with humans. [read it!]

Musings on Mexico, Part 1

First impressions of what Mexico, or rather Baja California, is like... [read it!]

Prelude to Halloween (Key of Bm in the Rain)

This greatest of seasons upon us again. [read it!]

The World is Full of Garbage

Aside from the literal sense, something likely higher than the 2.6trillion pounds of garbage we collectively produce (and largely store in landfills where it won’t decompose easily) as reported a few years back by the Atlantic, there is this other type of garbage we are constantly surrounded by. Ads galore selling us on the notion [read it!]

A Lifetime of Just One Chance

Three questions we should all answer. [read it!]

So Long, Eastern Sierras…

To launch full force from the Eastern Sierras and into Tahoe sets a standard of experience higher than most acts would care to follow. Utterly dazzling are the open desert stretches melding into small town hellos and climbing through Pinyon forests, into Jeffrey pines and arriving at the pinnacle of it all, the pristine Lake [read it!]

How to Change the World by Changing Yourself

When I was a kid, I wrote a letter to Nintendo. It wasn’t just a letter. It was a complete pamphlet full of an entire map outlining how a second Metroid could be made. Levels, secrets, new and old enemies. The letter went into the mail and some time went by. Then, imagine this, I [read it!]

Hopes for My Children’s Future Parade

To respect the wild above all other physical things in this world. To know that a cubicle, an office with daily defined obligations as to which hours should be spent there in exchange for some certain amount of money, is a waste of life. To be as fierce about making as many breathing moments count [read it!]

Pondering California

Finding the real treasures of the Golden State. [read it!]

The Long Way Back to Boondocking

A glimpse of freedom can often be enough to make it a concerted effort to find it all the more. [read it!]

Save $1000 a Month, Plus Infinite Benefits. The Secret? Travel Full-time

Save $1000 / month through travel. Caution: side effects may be seeing the world, more time with family and intense satisfaction. [read it!]