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The New American Nomadic Society: Why Traveling Full-time is Creating Happiness and a New Kind of Wealth in the Unites States (or some BS I made up one night)

There’s a slice of West Texas where everybody waves to one another as they pass by in their pickups. Whether it’s a brand new F-350 or a beat up old Dodge, it’s instinctual in the locals to raise at least two fingers from their steering wheel to acknowledge another passing human. It’s beautiful, like a [read it!]

Leaving Civilization to Find Family

How leaving civilization behind has brought our family closer. [read it!]

A young family hiking a desert mountain trail
a US Marshall's badge, star inside of a circle, pinned to a yellow and white chevron curtain

When it’s Cold, there are No Mosquitos…

There's a bright side to everything, even the shadows mean shade. [read it!]

Frigid in Florida

When you make America your living room, you hope it will be heated... [read it!]

Christmas in Key Largo with the Ones You Love

I’m two days late, but it was on December 21st, 2009 that our lovely mama RenĂ©e finally made the decision to hop into a 1978 Volkswagen Bus with Tristan and I to float around this world. That’s a lifetime away now, another fuzzy memory different world I’m not sure even fully existed except now as [read it!]

What you don’t have and what you wish you could

You don’t have to be deep to be real. There’s no monumental feeling you must get from this sort of traveling life. Yeah, you tend to get it in general, but we don’t have to be hippies on the trail, burnt out and baked in the sun to understand how grandiose a life lived spectacular [read it!]

Hey, it’s Sunshine!

Farewell, Autumn's changing's onto the sunshine for us. [read it!]

yurts nestled among tall georgia pines as the sun cracks through the forest

Friendship is a Small Bag of Beautiful Marbles

We can count our truly close friends on one hand. For me personally, that means a few of guys from high school I’ve managed to keep in touch with all of these years. Our interests back in the day were skateboards and we’ve all grown to love the same basic things: appreciating nature for what [read it!]

Goodbye, Millenicom

Thoughts on what Millenicom was all about and ideas on how to move forward... [read it!]

Traveling Weather

Thought on finding yourself in the throws of weather as you travel. [read it!]

Happy Halloween, from Beautiful Black Mountain, North Carolina!

Captain Hook, his pirates, Peter Pan and a creepy looking silver masked guy take to the streets for Trick or Treasure! [read it!]

a teenage boy dressed in black robes with a creepy silver mask, a mom dressed as Peter Pan, her boys as small pirates, their dad as Captain Hook.

Being of Sound Mind and Body on an Autumn’s Evening

Thoughts on once again changing the pace of travel, this time beneath the foreboding glimmer of Autumn's leaf. [read it!]

Raising Babies on the Road

The youngest sleeps soundly in his Pack n’ Play. At recently 2 years old he’s crossed the nation and back, calling two vans, a Volkswagen Bus, various vacation houses, cabins and hotels home here and there, on and off. Born in the Smokey Mountains, he’ll have no recollection of his hometown other than what future [read it!]

A Feral Freedom to be Wild

Where horses have learned to live wild within this boundary of law, we find a sunsets bay worth of reminders of our own role in this world. [read it!]

a wild horse grazes in a campground on Assateague Island