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The Wally Byam Caravan Club International

An interview with WBCCI's International Marketing Chairman, Fred Richardson, on what exactly this Airstream Club does. [read it!]

Wand’rly’s Nathan is Interviewed on Amateur Travel Podcast

Nathan was interviewed by Chris Christensen of Amateur Traveler Podcast about Smoky Mountain National Park, Asheville, NC and Western Carolina in general. [read it!]

autumn over a mountain range in western north carolina

Full Interview with Colin Wright

A discussion with Colin Wright on living in a new location every four months, slow travel, minimalism, technology and more. [read it!]

Full Interview with Joshua Fields Milburn

The full text of our interview with Joshua Fields Milburn, one half of the Minimalists, where he talks to us about living with less, finding happiness through simplicity and life in Dayton, Ohio. [read it!]

Full Interview with Joshua Becker

More of our interview with Joshua Becker of Becoming Minimalist. [read it!]

Full Interview with the Minimalist Mom

Full interview with Rachel Jonat, the Minimalist Mom. [read it!]

Interview with Technomadia

Interview with full-time software developers Chris Dunphy & Cherie Ve Ard of Technomadia. [read it!]

Meet Digital Nomad and Kung Fu Photoshop Panda Ben Willmore

Ben Willmore travels around the country with his fiancé full-time in a 40' tour bus taking photographs and teaching people how to become better photographers. [read it!]

the sun sets near Crater Lake, an older RV in the foreground. Photograph by Ben Willmore.

Interview with Live.Work.Dream.

The following is an interview with long time full-timers Jim Nelson and René Agredano, who we featured in our How to Make a Living on the Road article. Be sure to visit their site at for a plethora of additional information on how they have been living the full-time RV lifestyle for several years [read it!]

Jim and Rene sitting in front of the entrance sign to Big Bend National Park with a little puppy

Interview with Brice Hopkins of Fruitiny

Interview with intentionally homeless Austinite Brice Hopkins [read it!]

Interview with Jessica Mans of Life Remotely

Jessica Mans is on a roadtrip in a 1997 Toyota 4Runner with her husband and brother: from Seattle, Washington to Antarctica. [read it!]

the crew from Life Remotely sitting at a table with black laptops open, enacting the see no evil, hear no evil, speak no evil idea with their hands

Interview with Sara Janssen

We talk with Sara Janssen about making a living on the road, stopping to make babies and settling down in Longmont, Colorado. [read it!]

Interview with the Professional Hobo

Nora Dunn talks about traveling the world, giving up six figures in exchange for happiness, and provides a little insight on how you can do it as well. [read it!]

sepia toned photo of nora dunn, the professional hobo

Interview with The Road Forks

The following is our complete interview with Akila and Patrick of The Road Forks who were featured in our How to Make a Living on the Road article. Wand’rly: First, can you give us the basics – name and ages of people in your family? Akila: Akila – 33. Patrick – 33 Wand’rly: Do you [read it!]

tomatoes, bright and red

Interview with Prayformer S.K. Thoth

Thoth is a man like no other, in fact, he may not even be of this world. He has carved a name from himself from quite humble beginnings and followed his own creative path in life like few others are able to do. [read it!]