Three years of our family of six living and traveling the US in a 1976 Airstream travel trailer.

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Changing Seasons

Our third son, Wylder Reisen Swartz, was born on September 17, 2012. A few weeks prior we moved into a treehouse in Montreat, North Carolina. Six months spent in a wooded small town nestled in the Smoky Mountains, it’s been an experience we’ll never forget. But six months is a long time to be in [read it!]

a 1976 Airstream shining in the Ashevillian winter

When Things Get Old

We live in a largely replaceable society. We consume, and typically before something has even seen its entire lifespan, we replace it. Think about your iPhone, your shoes, your car. iPhones stop working well long before they actually break due to constant upgrades where the software is too much for the device (or some secret [read it!]

Breaking Down

To pretend that every day of this living on the road lifestyle is a photograph where a happy traveler is silhouetted from sunrise to set would be a great untruth. Having every piece of a wandering puzzle fit together perfectly and without error is more the territory of a staycation than a mobile lifestyle. Any [read it!]

Good, Good Beer

I am a lover of beer. I don’t shoot whiskey to get smashed up wasted with “the boys” and I don’t drink a glass or two of wine with dinner. I specifically love beer. IPAs in particular. So much, that anything short of an excellent India Pale Ale is just not that appealing to me. [read it!]

Resisting the Urge to Make a Documentary of Your Existence

Photographing life for posterity’s sake, if not purely in the name of inspiring travel among others, is best practiced in moderation. To be careful we don’t overdo the documenting and miss out in the moment is key. Video taping your child walking through some grand city park or trying to photograph every beautiful train car [read it!]

Postcard from Beaufort, SC

Spanish Moss and the salt of the Atlantic Ocean drape this little boat town tucked into the Intracoastal of Georgia, happy faces and small town, southern drawl charm abundant. [read it!]

boats at a pier in the intercoastal of georgia

Captain’s Log

This maiden voyage of ours in this here 1976 version of an Airstream Sovereign of the Road towed by a ’95 Chevy conversion van has not been without its share of minor hardships. Adjusting to keeling our sails and fighting the interstate rigs will no doubt be a voyage we’re on for a few months. [read it!]

Postcard from Charleston, South Carolina

The line pours out the door and down the wooden stairs of what appears to be the only coffee shop on Folly Beach. Lady and Nanny wait in line among tourists waiting for seats where hip locals will serve them some of the best looking food we’ve seen in awhile. The boys and I split [read it!]

a pier juts into the atlantic, blue sky contrasting orange beach sand

Greetings from Deer Trail Park Campground

It's the evening before Memorial Day and for every spoke on every spinning bike tire whizzing trough the shale roads that wind through this packed-full RV park nestled in the western mountains of Virginia, so must there be twice as many burgers sizzling to perfection. [read it!]

rolling green pours down the mountain forest into layers of patchwork farmed fields, the sky whisps stratus clouds above

Greetings from Rifrafters Campground

Fayetteville is just across US 19 to the east, its local Pizza & Pints Saturday night hotspot no doubt filling up with families looking for a slice and 20-somethings interested in the local Bridge Brew Works latest offerings. The cafe housed in an old church has been closed for hours. For the most part, town at this time of night is sleepy. [read it!]

a massive bridge spans over a river, a forested gorge, from the point of view of a speedboat

Dirty Fingernails

I thoroughly thrive on being a little bit dirty. Wearing the same pair of jeans for a month straight. Twice weekly showers when away from civilization. Engine oil underneath my fingertips and fire stains on my forearms. These are the things that lead me to want to live on the road. To be in perpetual [read it!]

Days of Chains and Locks

The time of relying on a physical location for employment is dwindling. Office workers are already poised perfectly for location independence as nearly anything which can be done on a computer in a cubicle is able to be performed by a computer [insert ideal location]. The cheesy stock photos of laptops on a beach are [read it!]

The Secret Lives of RV Parks

RV parks are miniature civilizations unto themselves. Like boomtowns, a population springs up and is replaced by newcomers as the old move on to new possibilities. Your neighbor today is not necessarily tomorrow. It’s a beautiful thing really. The ability to leave one place to form a new homestead at a whim. Don’t like your [read it!]

Postcard from Bayfield, WI

A National Lakeshore, teaming coffee shops worth of tourists, small town splendor and sail boat parades as long as the day is bright. [read it!]

two sailboats ride the top of Lake Superior in Wisconsin, the leader sporting red and white sail

Post Card from Ontonagon, MI

Part of the sky cracked open just before sunrise this morning, bleeding a purple vivid and calm light across the river. Myst marches slowly hovering above the surface of the Ontonagon. The flapping hum of a small fishing boat firing its engine lurks through the fog from an unseeable other shore. [read it!]