Mosey Home

The story of a family of five living in their 1978 VW Bus. We lived full-time in the Bus from 2009 – 2010 and then again in 2016 and 2017 in Mexico. In between, we lived in an Airstream. We now live in a Ford Van and are currently “roadsteading”.

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Champ Comes to Town

The Bus, naked as she came, pop topped and plugged into an RV park on a river in Loveland, Colorado. [read it!]

a 1978 vw bus covered in snow

1978 VW Bus, Champagne Edition, Riviera Campwagen Conversion

A few words about our good mother bus, Champ. [read it!]

1978 volkswagen bus champagne edition

October by Way of Colorado

An inch of white laying over every log cabin, every RV neighbor. Brown and gold leaves silhouette the bluey night sky before knocking maple and cottonwood and aspen holes out of the snow's clean lie. These mountains have a lot of weight, like gravity holding us onto their side. [read it!]

Mosey Home, the Short

A brief video introduction to what this site is all about. [read it!]

The Way We Drive By

A few notes about the good devices in which we are fortunate enough to travel. [read it!]

On Living in RV Parks

A few thoughts on living in RV parks, the transience of it all, but the simple familiarity most bring right back. [read it!]

The Leaving Behind

Everything I've ever known has shaped me into what I am, and for all of those situations, those circumstances and, especially, those few wonderful people, I'll be a better person. [read it!]

Atom and Evening

When a record starts to skip, you move the needle. So why does life seem like history on repeat? [read it!]

55 ‘Round a 35mph Bend

Contemplating constant movement. [read it!]


For anyone on the road, whether in a 50' luxury RV or with nothing but a tent strapped to their backs, best of luck and stay warm and safe this winter. [read it!]

Rusting Away the Days

Rust is nearly a given on any VW Bus that’s still alive today, and truth be told, ours is in pretty good shape. I hear that this type of rust, rolling up along the windows like it is, is perhaps the worst kind, save perhaps for those buses that you lift the floor mats up [read it!]

Desperate to Die

Gothic nicotine stains and the wind on a bald man's ragtop. [read it!]

The Kindness of Strangers

People everywhere seem to flock to helping us. Share a smoke and a beer with a guy and they'll pretty much warm right up to you. But it's more than that, there is just a general air of wanting to help, of peacefulness, in this country. [read it!]

Tristan Turns 8 in Loveland, Colorado

Tristan's birthday comes and goes with the snow. He's 8 now and so that means more chores, of course! [read it!]

An October in Loveland

We celebrate the Harvest Moon by firelight, it snows on Tristan's birthday and climb, climb we go into the Rockies. [read it!]