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The story of the years our family lived in our 1978 VW Bus. From 2009 – 2011, making and raising babies, and again in 2016 & 2017, traveling Mexico and Belize.

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Thrashin’ Revival: Halloween 2009 in Lake Tahoe

I dressed as my high school nickname, Monk the Punk, from Thrashin', that kick ass skate movie from the cheesiest years of the 80's. [read it!]

Climbing out of Colorado

US Route 40 climbing through and out of Colorado. [read it!]

US 40 Through Utah

US Route 40 through Utah is a Picasso, Salt Lake City a patch of concrete graffiti, and then on to US 50 into the Silver State. [read it!]

The Loneliest Highway

Rare are the gas stations, desert highlands stretch forever in every direction and the closer you get to California the brighter the Autumn burns. [read it!]

Lake Tahoe

The most beautiful place in the continental US, sheer, blue, clean, refreshing Lake Tahoe. [read it!]

Pilgrims These Days

November makes promises cornucopia. [read it!]

Lassen Volcanic National Park

Sleeping on a lava giant. [read it!]

On that California Nevada Border Lives a Secret

Summer perfect lakes and wintertime snow haven. [read it!]

Hiking Blackwood Canyon

Hiking Blackwood Canyon with my good chum Roker, Devil's Rock, Sunken Meadows, and all types of goodness in between. [read it!]

Dreamchaser, Dreamcatcher

Notes on my friend and host in Lake Tahoe, Mr. Roker. [read it!]

The Long Haul: Hoofing it from Tahoe to CO Solo

1,035 hung over miles from the beautiful shores of Lake Tahoe back to the Rocky Mountains. [read it!]

Whiskey November Timing

Engine trouble and a pack of wild elk abound. [read it!]

Not a Pot to Piss In

Examining the etymology of the phrase "he doesn't have a pot to piss in." Seriously. [read it!] for iPhone

This website has an iPhone version now. And it's not some crumby "I changed the stylesheet a little bit only" version, it's lighter in graphics and code and therefore better for the 2G of us out there. [read it!]

The Good, the Bad, and the Geico

Geico is 54% pure evil, 46% pretty cool. There representatives are so all over the board though that I swear they're just all playing some type of "how can we confuse the customer" game. [read it!]