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Nathan @ Wand’rly is obsessed with nature. From identifying birds to hugging trees, stargazing to fire safety, this is his nature journal.

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The Strangler Fig

Epiphytes are plants which live their lives away from the soil. They need no roots dug into the ground. They typically grow in the canopy of larger trees, sometimes from man made creations like roadside signage or telephone wires. They absorb what they need from the air, and often don’t damage their host tree. The [read it!]

A palm tree surrounded, nay, engulfed by a fig growing all around it

What Can a Tree Tell You?

How getting to know the trees in an area can tell you what to expect from the weather, the age of a forest, and more. [read it!]

a variety of leaves displayed on a table, from sassafras to various maples and oaks, and a yellow-poplar

Chop Your Own Campfire Wood

Save money, get strong, be your own determiner. [read it!]

Where are the Eastern Conifers?

Out West, conifers typically dominate. The deserts are rife with junipers and pinyons, tough enough to survive as shrubs with little in their tin cups. The redwoods and sequoias outgrow skyscrapers in their respective homelands. Lodgepoles and pondos enjoy entire pure stands where little else can compete with their tenacity over long periods left uncut. [read it!]

A Virginia pine cone, bristled and still closed on the tree

Collecting Trees

Getting to know those big guys on the hill. [read it!]

a woman smiling, holding a multi-colored leaf

Running from Clouds

Notes from the Field is Wand'rly Magazine's take on exploring our country's natural side. [read it!]

puffy clouds against a deep blue sky