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Sedona, you butterfly.

The crowds and the quiet loom red and sunset endless forever. [read it!]

Saludos from Xico, Veracruz!

Our experience with places to stay and what Xico, Veracruz, MX was like to live in for a month while we waited on the incredibly slow postal system in Mexico, once again. [read it!]

an older brother covers his younger sibling's mouth as they stand in front of their home, a 1978 Volkswagen Bus

Saludos from Palenque National Park!

Exploring the waterfalls and ruins, people and centro of Palenque National Park, Chiapas, MX. [read it!]

Palenque National Park

Free Kayaking in Placencia, Belize

Get free kayak rentals with an affordable stay at the Tradewinds cabanas in Placencia, Belize. [read it!]

two boys stand with paddles, next to a kayak and the Caribbean sea, their older brother swimming in the pristine waters

Halloween in Placencia, Belize

Festivities for adults and kids, including costume contests, parades and free jello shots! [read it!]

three children dressed up as mummies, skeletons and ghouls for Halloween in Belize

Saludos from Cabo San Lucas!

It's not only Spring break here, there's a city to explore! [read it!]

So Long, Eastern Sierras…

To launch full force from the Eastern Sierras and into Tahoe sets a standard of experience higher than most acts would care to follow. Utterly dazzling are the open desert stretches melding into small town hellos and climbing through Pinyon forests, into Jeffrey pines and arriving at the pinnacle of it all, the pristine Lake [read it!]

In the Rain Shadow of Mount Whitney

The campgrounds, weather and daily living off a family exploring the Owens Valley, the Eastern Sierras, and especially Mt. Whitney. [read it!]

an Airstream and a silver van at Lone Pine Campground, Mt. Whitney in the background

Greetings from a Parking Lot in Guadalupe Mountains National Park

Life is upside down. Lightning shoots up from the clouds and higher into the sky. The moon plays a heavy fat game of hide and seek. And the line between camping spot and parking lot blurs... [read it!]

mountains, the highest in Texas, rise into the sky

Greetings from the Texas Hill Country!

Explorations through Texas' Hill Country. [read it!]

the city of Austin Texas rises above the hill country

Florida, a Summation

It wasn’t our first time to the Sunshine State, and likely it won’t be our last. With family in the damn near most southern point of the mainland, braving the freeways and paying automated license plate tolls is a future we hold with as much certainty as any. Years ago we flirted with the panhandle, [read it!]

Chasing Autumn through the Alleghenies of Pennsylvania

A burning tinge of stained wine and golf leaf spots the endless rolling countryside of rural Pennsylvania while we all linger in the moments between a faded summer and any length of time we might be afforded before colder climes appear. [read it!]

tall rows of corn, autumn in full bloom behind

Down the Mountain

This time here in Nederland, CO has been exemplary. Families dance in modest fairground local town festivals to the tunes of exceptional guitarists who are simply fingering around on a random afternoon. The decks of every bar or restaurant privy to such a structure boast men passing around pipes of pot for free like there’s [read it!]

Greetings from the Sequoias

Becoming better naturalists as we study the variety of trees and life living amongst General Sherman and his Giant Forest. [read it!]