Short accounts of our family’s travels organized as digital postcards. The places we love the most and the stories that we think make them so special.

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Saludos from Agua Verde Fish Camp!

Ne'er a road as thin, steep, rocky or more beautiful have we driven in this Volkswagen moseyhome on the road of ours... [read it!]

a teenager standing on a cliff overlooking the bay of agua verde

Saludos from Santa Rosalia!

The working town of Santa Rosalia, Baja California Sur, and stingray infested waters beyond... [read it!]

a 1978 Champagne Edition Volkswagen Bus parked between a rickety palapa and a date palm

Saludos from Bahia de Concepcion, Paradise Found in Baja California Sur!

We opt for the less likely campground multiple times as we continue skipping down the Baja...and it always seems to work out. [read it!]

a beautiful woman stands in front of her beautiful VW bus

Saludos from Ojo de Liebre, Home of the Grey Whales!

Petting grey whales, clamming and steadying friendships in Baja California... [read it!]

Sunset over the Pacific, a truck camper, volkswagen bus and their families surround

Saludos from Puertocitos, Baja California!

Our Baja adventure with the Mali Mish family continues as we head south from San Felipe to the hot springs of Puertocitos, Baja California... [read it!]

a young boy wears a shirt that reads Born on the Road

Saludos from San Felipe in beautiful Baja California, Mexico!

As we make our way back into our 1978 VW Bus, we join the Mali Mish crew and cross into Baja Mexico for the Winter... [read it!]

a Four Wheel Truck camper and a 1978 Volkswagen Bus parked beneath palapas in San Felipe

Greetings from that High Hill Country Rain…

The swankier green that Austin glows. [read it!]

A lovely young woman in a black hoodie runs through the rain in a storm, her airstream in the background

Greetings from the Basin & Range!

Endless straight traversions of empty two lane highways broken up occasionally by a few turns through some mountains. Welcome to the Basin and Range. [read it!]

a highway cuts through the basin and range region of Nevada

Judging Immaculate vs. Perfection

Inn the grand scheme of things, we all sleep better in the snow. [read it!]

Fondest Greetings from Washington’s Old-Growth

Time amongst the elders, as friends. [read it!]

So Long, Eastern Sierras…

To launch full force from the Eastern Sierras and into Tahoe sets a standard of experience higher than most acts would care to follow. Utterly dazzling are the open desert stretches melding into small town hellos and climbing through Pinyon forests, into Jeffrey pines and arriving at the pinnacle of it all, the pristine Lake [read it!]

Greetings from Mono Lake!

A pristine turquoise lake, the Sierras as the backdrop and a perfect boondocking spot to serve as base camp for it all. [read it!]

Piles of deposited calcium are stacked, like the child of pacific coast stacks and hoodoos, among a pristine turquoise lake

Greetings from Tioga Pass in Sunny Yosemite!

Leaning into Yosemite from the Eastern Sierras, living among the national forests that line this slice of California's most beautiful stretch of road along US 395. [read it!]

approaching Tioga Pass from the east on California Route 120

Greetings from the Ancient Bristlecone Pines!

Meeting the eldest life on earth, and the snowstorm they served us as a greeting. [read it!]

In the Rain Shadow of Mount Whitney

The campgrounds, weather and daily living off a family exploring the Owens Valley, the Eastern Sierras, and especially Mt. Whitney. [read it!]

an Airstream and a silver van at Lone Pine Campground, Mt. Whitney in the background