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Review: The weBoost Connect RV 65

The fine folks at weBoost have been helping us squeeze every drop out of our available cell service for the past year now (see this article on finding cell service in campgrounds, specifically the cell phone booster section), so when they sent us this latest device, promising even better cell amplification than the Drive Sleek, [read it!]

Free Kayaking in Placencia, Belize

Get free kayak rentals with an affordable stay at the Tradewinds cabanas in Placencia, Belize. [read it!]

two boys stand with paddles, next to a kayak and the Caribbean sea, their older brother swimming in the pristine waters

Replacing a 1970s Front Curved Window in an Airstream

How to replace a window in a vintage 70s-era Airstream. [read it!]

Yay, We’re Full-timers! Now, Where Should We Go?

Some quick ideas on how to figure out where you want to go once you've decided you're going to get gone! [read it!]

Telling Your Friends & Family You’ll be Leaving for a Life of Full-time Travel

The best advice we can give you on how to break the news to friends and family that you'll be leaving for a life on the road. [read it!]

an old brass doorknob on an old wooden door

Simplifying Your Life by Ditching the Excess

You can't take it with you: in death or on the road. Some practical tips and links to help you learn to get rid of the excess belongings that are holding you back from your dreams of travel. [read it!]

Funding Your Full-time Traveling Life

Links to resources on finding work for full-time travelers, from freelance gigs to online jobs to seasonal employment. [read it!]

young girls working a lemonade stand

Traveling Children and Making Friends

Quick thoughts on children growing up on the road, making friendships, and keeping them. [read it!]

our traveling son Tristan mixed in a crowd of kids on a soccer team

Choosing Your Travel Style

A run through of the major ways most full-timers get around, from backpacking hostelers to rock stars in RVs to renting houses for a few months at a clip. [read it!]

migrating birds in a dark, sepia tone photo

Making the Decision to Travel Full-time

The first step in becoming a full-time traveler is, wait for it, committing the idea to your head. Escaping preconceived notions about what we are supposed to do in life and looking at how we can become what we want to be is essential to pulling this all of successfully. [read it!]

white picket fence

Unusual Places to Stay: Tiny Houses to Tent Hostels

100 Square Feet or smaller accommodations in Portland, Oregon, West Texas and Bisbee, Arizona. Beautiful, alternative ways of finding lodging while traveling. [read it!]

three tiny houses in Portland, Oregon

United States of Alcohol

We've launched a simple web app for quick discovery of alcohol laws in the United States, from state to state. [read it!]

four beer taps

Act Accordingly by Colin Wright

I don’t think I’ve ever done a book review here before. In fact, I don’t really read books. I polished off everything by Tom Robbins about a decade ago and have simply been more interested in climbing trees and getting tattoos of maps on my arm than falling asleep with a good book. However, I [read it!]

a portion of Act Accordingly's cover, which reads in plain grey text You Have Exactly One Life in Which to Do Everything You'll Ever Do. Then in blue text, Act Accordingly.

Revisiting the Oregon Coast via

Our second issue took us up and down Oregon’s North Coast, the stretch of the Beaver State that runs between Nehalem Bay and the birthplace of our second son, Astoria, Oregon. That makes up only a small portion of the 360-some miles of venerable US Route 101 and the state’s continuous stretch of public and [read it!]

The Essential Packing Guide for a Sailing Trip

For first time sailing trippers read on for the essential guide of what not to forget. [read it!]