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How to Build a Low Flow Shower Head

Simple instructions on how to make even a 5 gallon hot water tank in an RV, boat or travel trailer last 15 or 20 minutes. [read it!]

Wand’rly Partners with

Wand'rly was asked by roadtripping app, website and superstars to put together custom guides for the site. We were, naturally, much obliged. [read it!]

roadtrippers logo against a two lane road disappearing into the sun

Resources and Reads for Hitchhikers

Links to hitchhiking wikis, historical information and entertaining reads. [read it!]

Raising a Family on the Road, Tips, Tricks and Truths

When I first began roadtripping, back in the days when I’d save my three weeks of vacation up for one long go around the country or jaunt to Europe, traveling was something altogether different from what it has become. Back then, “accommodations” meant the back of a car or a tent or maybe a $15 [read it!]

What Can You Do with a Wand’rly Membership?

The benefits of membership with Wand'rly Magazine. [read it!]

Save $4,476 a Year by Living on the Road Full-time

Is it expensive to travel full-time? Or can it actually be cheaper? [read it!]

sunset reflecting in the side of an RV

Corbett Barr’s Guide to Getting Your Online Business Off the Ground

A clip from Corbett Barr's guide to creating your own successful online business, highlighting his thoughts on Wal-Mart. [read it!]

Where to Rent Surfboards on the Oregon Coast

Places to rent scooters, bicycles, motorcycles, surfboards and more from Manzanita to Astoria, Oregon. [read it!]

a surfer rips it up as the waves crash dangerously close to some rocks

Campsite Bingo!

A fun, long term game to play with your particular family on the road! [read it!]

two campsite bingo boards partially completed hanging from a wall of an RV

How to Find the Right Home on Wheels

Helpful resources on where to start looking if you've decided you'd like to live full time on the road. [read it!]

Live Simply, Happily & for Yourself

The three "tenants" of what I believe makes for a good start on your way to full time traveling, plus some other resources (ie, people I learn from). [read it!]

Lend a Hand, Shake a Paw

If you dig on dogs, you can volunteer at Asheville's Animal Compassion Network. Help an animal, get a little time in with some random Rufus. ACN's Director also clues in on a few insider tips for travelers with pets. [read it!]

Families on the Road

When I was but a wee young budding parent, the joy that my little man Tristan brought into my days was rivaled only by the reality slowly seeping into my brain that my days of traveling had ended before they’d even really begun. I went on that way for a few years before one day, [read it!]

My son Tristan, long haired and hanging out the window of our 1978 VW Bus