A father and son during their first year on the road, in a Class C RV.

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American Public Transportation Association: Find yourself a public transit system

This website lists all of the public transportation systems in the United States, handy for those RV travelers not wanting to drive their rig all over creation just to explore a city. [read it!]

Geico RV Insurance: A Review of our First Claim

When our RV's transmission broke down and we needed roadside assistance, Geico did end up paying us back for all of the towing that was required, but took exceptionally long in doing so. They kept most of their promises, but not without a little extra complaining in the meantime. [read it!]

20 Days in Ebensburg, PA

Ebensburg Pennsylvania has all of the outward qualities of the perfect small American town, from big grassy yards to quaint brick roads and gazebo strewn parks. Of course, they have no local businesses because everyone shops at Walmart, the only restaurants are pizza places (bad pizza), and they frown upon people hanging out in the parks. But other than that, I'd keep on moving... [read it!]

Trainward Headed Home

The sun is blazing setting and, presumably from another long and successful day on the job, stretching its shining rays out as far as the horizon will permit as the train’s window plays me the whizzy blur of the cool teal leaves that hang from these end-of-summer trees. My serene little view of passing America [read it!]

Pulling on the Yellow Lines Again

Tristan and I up and down through the mountains of the Pennsylvania Wilds as we begin a week-long stint on PA's infamous Route 6, and then up into New England for an Autumn drive. [read it!]

The Alaskan, the Italian Triathalon and the Gypsies: Part 1

The young one and I found ourselves knee deep in the thick of an Appalachian forest today, not out of place in a day surrounded by harrowing feats of childhood. And in the thick of the bramble and heavily foliaged inner working of the forest, just this side of lost ourselves, we ran across a quite unlikely pair: a grandmother walking her grandson. She had a thick life's worth of story to tell, and I'll try and recant it here as best I can. [read it!]

Tristan’s First Day of School

Tristan's first day of school complete with guitar strings, bike rides and brought to you by the letter "S". [read it!]


Boondocking at a truck stop, heading south through Appalachia and on our way to Memphis, TN. [read it!]

8.4 MPG, Highway

Today we struck out from Memphis and began the long journey to Austin, TX. Like rushing fools, we drove all day and wee into the night, crossing state lines, Bill Clinton’s birthplace, and even enjoying a most authentic Mexican slab of corn flower, retried beans and “seriously, is that chicken or…?” salsa melted cheddar. Our [read it!]

Tristan’s Birthday was last Friday

Tristan turned 7 years old on Friday. A Fire Museum, home made birthday cake and his first wiggly baby tooth all made their debut. [read it!]

The Wanderlusty Dilemma

The problem for the wayward wanderer want of a daily change of scenery is simple. Of course, the problem isn't the beauty that you can see in everyday things when you haven't seen them before, or the utter thrill of just being a real life adventurer. The problem primarily lays in the fact that when you're always uprooting, you never take root... [read it!]

Heard Around the RV

Kids say the darndest things, and Tristan's certainly no exception. Let's see his opinions about dirty socks. [read it!]

High Technology: Web Working from the Road (Part 1)

The first in a four part installment covering our experiences with accessing the Internet on the road, the joys, the sorrows, the endless download times... [read it!]

Web Working from the Road (Part 2): Connecting to the Web via a Wireless Carrier

In this second installment in a four part series on accessing the Internet via the RV lifestyle we'll explore connecting to the Internet via wireless providers like Sprint or AT&T. [read it!]

The People of Austin are Awfully Nice

Thoughts on the general welcoming demeanor of the people in Austin, as well as a broader comparison of life here compared to that north of the Mason Dixon. Maybe even a little peak into what living in the Pecan Grove RV Park is like. [read it!]