Zidar & Fabio

The story of a couple building and then living full-time on their sailboat, told by Kate Zidar.

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Introducing Zidar & Fabio

An introduction to Kate Zidar and her seemingly fairy tale story of meeting an Italian sailor named Fabio, fixing up a sailboat, and setting off to adventure on the high seas of the United States' Atlantic Coast. [read it!]

Fabio hoisting the sale before their maiden voyage

A Small Boat and a Big Plan

Kate & Fabio find the perfect boat, a 1965 Columbia 29, and spend the next six months fixing it up for full-time travel around North America. [read it!]

a woman in a gas mask and with a do-rag wrapped 'round her head, cleaning a boat

Operation: Flee

Kate describes her initial fears of setting sail for the first time, as well as how they arrived at their route to Florida. [read it!]

looking down from the top of a sailing boat mast at a crew member on dock, looking back up

A Big Jump

Kate recounts the first leg of their sailing trip from New England into Virginia. [read it!]

sunset over the boat's bow

We are the 1%?

Kate talks about the stresses of a couple living together at sea, and how many before them have faded over such adventures... [read it!]

looking at the world through a window of a boat

Full Moon Fever

I am starting to get why people do this. During our last offshore passage, from Southport, NC to Charleston, SC, I had the duty of being on watch from 4am until 6am. It’s the coldest shift and the sleepiest shift, but it’s also my favorite because of the sunrise. On land, I am not a [read it!]

an american flag, a woman on watch on a sailboat, and the open sea

Sea Islands

While the adventurous sailing team, rested from the holidays, continues their adventure south, passing Beaufort, South Carolina and on to Sapelo Island, Kate reflects on childhood memories of traveling in a VW Bus. [read it!]

muddy waters surround the sea islands near Georgia

Gale Force

Kate reflects on the reality that living aboard a sailing vessel could mean sudden death. [read it!]

sunset over the water, a boat in view

A Sailor’s Meal

Kate walks us through eating 4000 calories a day and losing 10 pounds in their first month on the ship, and other delights of eating while living on a sailboat! [read it!]

tuna noodle casserole in a small bowl, plus a packet of Heinz ketchup