Coming Soon: Beautiful, Feature Rich Travel Blogs from the Folks Behind Wand’rly



To write a travel blog is a dream for lots of people who set out to travel full-time (or otherwise).

You can get a free blog from sites like, with tons of options…and complications. Similarly, you can set your own blog up, uploading FTP files, managing plugin updates, dig through thousands of themes to find one that works for you, pay for hosting and more or less be responsible for everything…which can take a lot of the fun out of blogging.

Or, you can hop on board with our soon-to-be-released suite of blogging tools built just for travelers. Every blog will feature:

  1. The perfect tools for travel bloggers, including maps, timelines, beautiful galleries and more.
  2. High end hosting: all the blogging in the world doesn’t matter if you site isn’t up and running.
  3. SEO built right in.
  4. Advanced social networking features that will allow your readers to share your content and give you more control over what it looks like once it’s shared!

These new blogs will run $9 / month…about the cost of regular hold hosting and setting up everything yourself, managing plugin updates, etc.

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