Guest Posts on Wand'rly Magazine

If we had a gallon of gasoline for every time someone wrote in with something like, “Hey, I’m Jack McTypeman and I would love it if you’d link to my website!” well we could drive to the moon and back.

Should you desire a link back to your website, you can get one by writing a high quality article that we’ll publish, under your name, with links back to your site, social media and so on.

How Do I Submit a Guest Post?

  1. Read the guidelines below.
  2. Submit a query including what you want to write about, a little bit about yourself and the website you want to link to, and a paragraph or two of the introductory text to that article, so we can get a sense of your writing style.
  3. If we like the article, we’ll give you the all clear to send us the whole thing.
  4. If we like the whole thing, we’ll publish it in a future issue (typically within 1 – 3 months).

What Kind of Content Are You Looking For?

We like content related to living out of a van, sailboat, RV or any other type of longterm travel. We like in-depth stuff that focuses on one aspect of travel, really well. Specific places, modes of moving about this planet, making or saving money while you do (but note, we don’t want the usual “10 Ways to Save Money” and then you talk about credit card deals and “not eating out”) and stories about real people on the road are all great topics.

Articles on Canada, Central and South America, Australia, Europe and sailing are of particular interest at this time.

Do You Pay Your Writers?

Yes, but if you’ve read this page because you were sent here after a query, you won’t get paid for your first article. You came to us, asking if you could get a free link. We sent you here. If your content is exceptional enough that we ask you back for a paid gig, well, you’ll know it when we ask. :)

Article Guidelines

  1. ~1000 – 2000 words long, but feel free to go longer if the topic warrants.
  2. One photo, 1400px wide, landscape orientation, preferably with adequate room for copy. Additional photos are welcome. We’d love to see at least one photo per 500 words. Additional photos do not need room for copy or any special layout, but we publish them at 1200px wide so please send them over at least that large, and please don’t send them embedded in a Word document, just send us the file. Please send original photos, not pictures you stole or found for free around the web, we’d rather have less photos than that type of thing. We provide full credit for each photo, so please let us know who and where you’d like to credit.
  3. A 1-3 sentence byline, links are welcome, with a photo of yourself.
  4. You cannot be paid for any links you place in your article. You will be required to state that you agree to these guidelines and, should we somehow ever find out you received direct compensation for your link, we will require you to compensate us with either $1.2 trillion dollars or your firstborn child, whichever we choose. No but seriously, you can’t get paid to link to a website in this scenario. You can’t even pay us to allow you to put a link into an article for which you’ll get paid. So, none of that. $1.2 trillion will be the choice, as we have enough kids running around this van.

We don’t want to scare you off, but we are very serious about that aspect of it all.

Happy trails!