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Some call it “Living the Dream”, others simply call it “Full-time Travel”. Every day an adventure, a new ZIP code whenever you’d like. Wandering about the US, or the world, at your own pace. No rushing through a vacation, no pulling out your hair trying to make last minute plans.

Just complete, unadulterated travel.

These are our readers. From a statistics perspective, they’re typically upper middle class folk who’ve bought an RV and are out finding their way. They are primarily families with young children, and though full-timers are men and women alike in equal amounts, our readers in particular tend to be women more often than men.

statistics on full-time travelers, email for more info

But more than just who our readers are, full-time travelers are a community. We plan meet-ups and exchange favorite locations on Instagram, swap stories on Facebook, and make recommendations on Twitter. We circle around one another in real life recanting our favorite destinations, shortcuts and the products that make our lives easier as we go.

Wand’rly Magazine is a destination for those already on the road, but even more so, for those looking to hit the road. To buy their first RV, to rent their first longterm vacation house, to purchase up all of the gear necessary to make this home-on-the-road a reality.

How many full-time travelers are out there?

Estimates put the number of full-time RVers between 100,000 and 250,000. This doesn’t specifically count those who choose to live out of campervans, or travel via other means such as living in vacation housing or hostels, but other estimates think even those numbers are conservative.

At Wand’rly, we regularly get around dozens of comments on our blog per month asking questions about the lifestyle, direct messages on Facebook querying us as to how they might make such a lifestyle happen for themselves, and countless other comments on Instagram and Twitter about people who are on the track to do it soon.

These are people who’s primary identifier in life is “a traveler”. More than being moms and dads, construction workers or web designers, more than they pride themselves in a football team or a specific hometown, they want to be travelers.

Who are these full-timers? How do they do it?

the henry mountains disappear over the horizon as a van towing an airstream rolls down a two lane highway

Well, they’re more or less anyone. Rich or poor, black or white, single or families, there are a lot of us out there.

If you’re looking for specific demographics though, here are a few quick stats:

More or less, we’re the next generation, the new evolution of modern civilization. Gone are the days when you need to show up at specific times and a specific location to perform a job. These days, all it takes is the know how, determination and self-sustainability to make sure you get what needs done accomplished, and find that the rest of your life is left to explore this vast world we call Earth.

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