Partnering with Wand’rly Magazine, How it Works

a collage of photos featuring scenic views across the United States, a traveling family, an Airstream, and a VW Bus

The majority of our partnerships are with online travel apps, tourism boards and retailers, but we’re open to new ideas, don’t hesitate to contact us even if you don’t fit one of these niches.

For Tourism Boards & Destinations

Want to get your latest initiative out to our 207,000 readers (and 1.5million total reach) for free? Here are some ideas as to how we can typically help:

  1. Firstly, contact us to get the ball rolling!
  2. Most partnerships involve working together via social media, such as:
    • Cross-posting photos, blog posts or status updates. For example, if you’re looking to promote hiking in your state, town or region, and we feel it’s a good fit for our audience, we’ll post photos of great hikes in your area on our own accounts, referencing you, and in turn provide you with photos you can use on your own social media networks.
    • Holding events that you can sponsor where we jointly organize people interested in full-time travel, or simply learning more about a particular region before traveling there.
    • If you’re currently in the stages of building any of your social networks, we can help with that too by providing you photos and other content highlighting your area to get you started, and driving our own networks to those social accounts.
  3. We’re also open to promoting highly specific locations, though these may at times require you to provide some type of lodging (ie, at an RV park or cabin that can accommodate up to six people).

For Retailers & Brands

Word of mouth, particularly from a trusted source, is the best advertising available. We have occasionally partnered with certain brands in the past in the following ways

  1. Restaurants and Breweries: We’ve interviewed some of our favorites, or exchanged shout outs on social media in exchange for comps.
  2. Hotels and RV Parks: Again, interviews and highlights of those we really liked, comped or otherwise.
  3. Outdoor Gear and RV Supplies: Want us to review your company’s backpack? Tour one of your retail stores? Interview your engineers on why your solar panels are the best? Hit us up.
  4. We can easily get your message in front of our 207,000 readers, just contact us.