Submission Guidelines for Wand'rly Magazine

If you’d like to write an article for Wand’rly, here’s what you need to know.

What are We Looking For?

While our focus is on living out of an RV, van or some other means of perpetual travel, we want great content. So whether you’re “full-time” or just an avid traveler, or if you’re completely off topic yet an amazing writer, we’re interested in hearing what you have to say.

But also, travel.

If you have stories of your sailing adventures, or about Central and South America, those are of particular interest.

Do You Pay Your Writers?


Writers get around $140 per article on average (but not usually the first time.) Bloggers who contribute shorter posts more regularly get around $35 per post.

After you send in your pitch, and your article is published, you will get paid. Feel free to send in your rate with your pitch, but you can generally expect 5 – 10¢ / word depending on how much editing we have to do, and the quality of the content.

We both pay our writers and accept guest posts.

For guest content, where you’re more interested in the contribution than the compensation, we’re a bit more lenient and will do more editing for you. :) If you are largely pitching your own product, blog, etc. then you are looking at a guest post.

For paid content, we do expect it to be exceptional. Most articles weigh in around 2000 words. We will almost definitely edit your content, FYI, but if you’re getting paid, we expect it to be largely free of spelling and grammatical errors when you send over the final piece.

This is important:

A good pitch for us is an example paragraph or three that makes one wonder what’s coming next. We reserve the right to not publish, and therefore pay for, any article, but we’re pretty cool and that has rarely happened after an article has been approved.

Article Guidelines

  1. ~2000 words long. Can be shorter for guest posts.
  2. One photo, 1400px wide, landscape orientation, preferably with adequate room for copy. Additional photos are welcome. We’d love to see at least one photo per 500 words. Additional photos do not need room for copy or any special layout, but we publish them at 1200px wide so please send them over at least that large, and please don’t send them embedded in a Word document, just send us the file. Please send original photos, not pictures you stole or found for free around the web, we’d rather have less photos than that type of thing. We provide full credit for each photo, so please let us know who and where you’d like to credit.
  3. A 1-3 sentence byline, links are welcome, with a photo of yourself.
  4. You cannot be paid for any links you place in your article. Weirdly, we feel it necessary to repeat that. No paid links. Or Zeldas.

Again, for guest posts where you’re wanting exposure in lieu of payment, we’re a bit more lenient on our requirements.

Blog Post Guidelines

We also encourage traveling writers to apply to blog regularly on our site. We like each of our bloggers to have a theme (past themes have been living on a sailboat, traveling by car, hitchhiking Europe, living out of an Airstream, etc.) and like to see 2 – 4 posts per month. We pay around $35 per blog post, again dependent on length, quality and how much editing we have to do. Each post should follow these requirements:

  1. ~500 words or so.
  2. We’d like you to commit to at least ten posts. When and as you decide you might not want to blog for us anymore, your posts should come to some type of conclusion, as we often present these as chronological stories on the site.
  3. One original photo per post, 1000px wide.
  4. A 1-3 sentence byline, links are welcome, with a photo of yourself.
  5. You cannot be paid for any links you place in your article.

Exposure, Stats and Whatnot

This website sees 25 – 50,000 readers per month, depending on the season. The average typical article is read 3000 times in a year. Popular articles are read millions of times over several years. Our newsletter list is 15k and always growing. If that type of info is interesting to you.


Just want to be interviewed on the site? Contact us here or on Instagram and let us know what you’re up to, how long you’ve been traveling, what you float around in, what makes you different, how you’re making a living…whatever you think makes your story interesting. We’re always looking for new travelers to feature on the site.

Happy trails!