Vandwellers Questionnaire


Howdy! Want to be featured in the most awesome article about traveling families ever, and have your story of multiple little feet scampering across the world on Wand'rly? We're a web mag that aims to inspire those who want to travel to just up and do it, and share the stories of people who are already out there so that we can all grow together like a redwood forest and make this traveling life a little more communal.nnInterested? Just tell us about yourself below!
  • Can you give us the name of whoever it is in your group (or if it's just you, then you!) that you'd like us to contact?
  • Can we get a good email address to contact you?
  • Names and ages of you / anyone who travels with you, if you're willing to share. Generalities are fine for those of you who are keeping this info under classified wraps. Feel free to tell us a little about each of you, or even just link to an About page or something where we could get more info on our own.
  • If you'd like to help us get started on the most awesome aspects of your life, clue us in here. We go out and read through every site when someone submits this form, but blogs can be big, and not always so easy to find the best stuff. Help us get started! Links are fine, too!
  • Got a blog? Give us the URL so we can go and stalk you all the day long. Also on Instagram, Twitter or Facebook? Pop as many as you'd like in here!
  • Everything below is optional, but can help speed things along if you'd like to give us a little info up front. This means less work for us, but if you're pressed for time, we get it. 🙂

  • If you only complete one of these, this is the one we'd love to hear the most. What kind of van do you have, and why did you choose that year / make / model?
  • Tell us about your living situation in the van, and if you're not living in your van exclusively, can you tell us where you live otherwise (where & what kind of house)?
  • Tell us about the beginning, or a link to something you've already written will do.
  • Related to your vandwelling, what do you primarily do for fun? Biking, hiking, campfires and drinking, making art, a whole lot of nothing?
  • Breakdowns, loneliness, a cougar ate your muffler...what do you find to be the most difficult aspect of vanlife?
  • Inversely to the previous question, what has the life given you?
  • If you travel full-time or most of the time, can you also tell us how this works out with living in your van?
  • RV parks with hookups, Walmart parking lots, BLM land, National Forests...? What's your favorite place to call home while in your van.
  • Do you sell an e-book, run an online store or make money in some other way you'd like to have featured in your interview? Tell us here, and if you'd like, tell us if we can offer a discount to readers, too.
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