Fire Ban


We’ve been on the road not yet a year, but long enough to know that we’re sure fire fulltimers and this is the life for us. That said, there are quite a few things about on-the-roading that are different from what I’d expected.

For one, we have way fewer fires than I thought we would. Given our first fire, you might think that a good thing, but we’re actually the type who really just gets a big kick out of watching wood burn and cooking some shrimp skewers or a couple of head’s worth of ears of corn over the show. Marathon, TX afforded us a nightly, free fire, but other than that, Texas and the southwest are very anti-fire, mostly due to the fact that this whole part of the country is so easily set alight, and so very difficult to stop once it gets to blazing.

Secondly, we don’t find ourselves particularly doing anything that resembles “camping out.” Of course, when you live in an RV, you’re not camping, you’re just living in a literally mobile home. When we began, we stayed at quite a few state parks and other more naturally setted locations, but since heading south it’s been mostly big cities, small towns and the occasional roadside truck stop.

Finally, one thing we actually do way less of than I think I thought we’d be doing is the very thing you’d think we were always doing: travelling. I knew we wouldn’t be on the road every single day, but somehow I thought there would be more miles racked up on the old rig by now. We’ve only put about 6000 miles on her in the 8 months we’ve been roadtripping, and the majority of those came when we blew through the big part of the country known as “the South,” when we were covering 2 or 3 states a day and only staying put for a week at a time max. Once we hit Austin, and the wonders of Texas, we only left long enough to really get into Bisbee, AZ and now we’re on our way back.

The lifestyle, for us, isn’t particularly about being in the woods and “roughing it” of course, and while seeing the country is definitely a perk, it’s not a checklist of states that we have to get through or anything.