Handbook: Making a Living on the Road

benjamin franklin was an entrepreneur


The moment you are able to take control of your own income, the world immediately grows infinitely larger.

Literally, you open up the doors to being able to travel anywhere, do anything you’d like, live any dream you can imagine. Why?

Because learning to make a living on your own, rather than rely on an employer, means you are taking your fate into your own hands. If you want to take the morning off to rub belly buttons with the lady of your dreams, go for it. If you need to make more money some month to pay for repairs or upgrades or a flight or something, you can just make it happen. Money no longer becomes something you are given, but something that you learn how to take as needed.

It’s not always easy, for sure. Running your own business can take a lot of work, particularly in the beginning. And the stress of knowing that you won’t get a paycheck if you don’t do the work, well, that’s something you need to be able to handle as well. Not working too much, not too little, putting your efforts into those avenues that will make the most sense for you financially and emotionally.

Here are a few guides to help you get started though. At the risk of sounding like an infomercial…this is going to change your life.

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