Meet Travelers: Interviews with Full-timers Around the World

The following are some of our favorite interviews with other travelers featured here on Wand’rly. From traveling homesteaders to bands to families in Airstreams, the road welcomes all types.

Air-Schooled: A Traveling VW Mechanic & Teacher

an immaculate vintage Volkswagen Bus parked in a forest

Robbie McCarthy is a different kind of teacher. Though he was once a public school teacher, his life has a taken somewhat of a turn in recent years. For five months out of the year, he tours the United States teaching people how to maintain their vintage Volkswagen Buses. “I was a middle school music

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a white vanagon with a high top and a bunch of gear on the back, in a rather kick ass setting if i do say so myself

Jorge and Jessica lost a business, began a new life afterwards, gave it all up and took their remote income on the road to explore the forests and cities of North America.

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The Eco-travelers

mossy green, a forest is beautiful

You can’t love nature and drive a car. Or so a comment sometime last year on our Instagram account claimed. We’ve always assumed that living in an RV is more environmentally friendly than doing the sticks and bricks thing, but that was without the science, without the research. Personal choices from how much you drive

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Seeking Sustainability

a young man and woman eating dinner outside on their farm

Terry O’ Neill and Amanda Holley have been farming for years, growing everything from beets to olives to artichokes in northern California, Washington state, Connecticut, New York, and Puerto Rico. Before returning to a harsh spring in Corinna, Maine, they spent this past winter farming at a private residence and waiting tables at Vibra Verde

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Family Without Borders

a father and daughters feet dangling from the roof of a minivan, as seen by a mother first thing in the morning from inside looking through the back

Meet Thomas and Anna, their two daughters conceived and reared as they travel the world. Our best interview yet, and it was easy; this family is as genuine as leather and as beautiful as silk.

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Interview with Roadtrippers

blonde hair looks out a moving car window, the open road and mountain beyond. plus roadtrippers logo

James was born in the English countryside and began trekking Africa at age 3. Tatiana got her Phd somewhere between Hawaii and Berlin. They have created one amazing website with one goal: roadtripping.

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a cup of black coffee in a simple white mug, with saucer

The story of minimalists, those who choose to live with less in order to find happiness, time and fulfillment in their own lives. Includes interviews with Joshua Fields Millburn, Colin Wright, Nina Yau and more.

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