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US Border Patrol

When you’re in Southern Texas and Arizona, there are border patrol stations some 60 miles or so from the actual border. So if you visit places like Bisbee, AZ or Terlingua, TX, you go through them whether you’ve been to Mexico or not. Though not always, they are often staffed by people of Mexican descent. [read it!]

Greetings from Vancouver, BC!

A Mega Man futuristic city teaming with foreign accents, towering glass skyscrapers and boats busying themselves from Grand Island and back. [read it!]

We Are Not Fancy

“Did you sell something to live on the road?” That was one of many questions asked during my interrogation at the Canadian border crossing. The woman doing the questioning was having a hard time believing we weren’t coming to Canada to work, and perhaps more so wondering how such a life on the road as [read it!]