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Raising Newborns on the Road: Is it a Good Idea?

Hells yes it is. Here's our ample years of proof and experience. With pictures. [read it!]

a mom and her baby boy on the Oregon Coast

RV Wanderlust: Raising Teens, Toddlers and Driving Around the World

“We’re really itching for international travel,” says Brittany Highland of RV Wanderlust from somewhere outside of Pascagoula, Mississippi, “so we throw around ideas on how to do it almost daily. We’ll see what opportunities open up. We just don’t want to waste any time.” We is currently Brittany, her husband Eric, and their three year [read it!]

a toddler runs along a beach

Kids Camping Printables to Take into the Outdoors

Free downloads that kids can print and use while camping. [read it!]

two young boys wearing t-shirts, doing junior ranger books at a state park in florida

Family Budget Travel – How to Save

Information on planning for overseas trips with kids, finding budget accommodations, flights and more. [read it!]

silhouetted family walking on a peer at sunset

Roadschooling for Elementary-Aged Children

Actual lessons and curriculum, ideas and more for how to teach young children while traveling full-time or otherwise. [read it!]

two young boys working on junior ranger badges in Florida

Vandwelling in Europe: Interview with Here Today Vanagon Tomorrow

The exploits of a Canadian family who shipped their Vanagon Stormie to Europe to travel, find themselves and live a closer life. [read it!]

a 1987 Vanagon Syncro in a field of yellow flowers

A Brief Recollection of a Year in Mexico, or Four Seasons with Five People in a VW Bus

We thought we'd go to Baja for a couple of months. A year later, we're in Quintana Roo. Where to next? [read it!]

Young Men on the Road

Tristan is flying internationally by himself for the first time. He’s 15 and couldn’t be more excited for his arrival in Pittsburgh, PA, just before Thanksgiving. Snow and all, there is absolutely nowhere he’d rather be come tomorrow night. He packs his bag full of clothes made for a long year in the eternal summer [read it!]

Our Family’s Traveling Timeline

What in the brick and mortar is a full-time traveler anyway? [read it!]

Leaving Civilization to Find Family

How leaving civilization behind has brought our family closer. [read it!]

A young family hiking a desert mountain trail

Raising Babies on the Road

The youngest sleeps soundly in his Pack n’ Play. At recently 2 years old he’s crossed the nation and back, calling two vans, a Volkswagen Bus, various vacation houses, cabins and hotels home here and there, on and off. Born in the Smokey Mountains, he’ll have no recollection of his hometown other than what future [read it!]

Back in the Bus

We're living out of our Volkswagen Bus again. :) [read it!]

Family Without Borders

Meet Thomas and Anna, their two daughters conceived and reared as they travel the world. Our best interview yet, and it was easy; this family is as genuine as leather and as beautiful as silk. [read it!]

a father and daughters feet dangling from the roof of a minivan, as seen by a mother first thing in the morning from inside looking through the back

Telling Your Friends & Family You’ll be Leaving for a Life of Full-time Travel

The best advice we can give you on how to break the news to friends and family that you'll be leaving for a life on the road. [read it!]

an old brass doorknob on an old wooden door

Traveling Children and Making Friends

Quick thoughts on children growing up on the road, making friendships, and keeping them. [read it!]

our traveling son Tristan mixed in a crowd of kids on a soccer team