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Raising a Family on the Road, Tips, Tricks and Truths

When I first began roadtripping, back in the days when I’d save my three weeks of vacation up for one long go around the country or jaunt to Europe, traveling was something altogether different from what it has become. Back then, “accommodations” meant the back of a car or a tent or maybe a $15 [read it!]

Interview with Sara Janssen

We talk with Sara Janssen about making a living on the road, stopping to make babies and settling down in Longmont, Colorado. [read it!]

Campsite Bingo!

A fun, long term game to play with your particular family on the road! [read it!]

two campsite bingo boards partially completed hanging from a wall of an RV

Families on the Road

When I was but a wee young budding parent, the joy that my little man Tristan brought into my days was rivaled only by the reality slowly seeping into my brain that my days of traveling had ended before they’d even really begun. I went on that way for a few years before one day, [read it!]

My son Tristan, long haired and hanging out the window of our 1978 VW Bus

Riding in Buses with Family

Tristan, on the road, was at his best in the Bus. Keep it moving and he was as happy as a clam tented up in the back with his Gameboy 4000 and the endless miles. Deputy, too, was at his best (and nearly only good) in the traveling confines of her belly. I (and my [read it!]

children riding in a Volkswagen Bus

What is it Like Living in an RV?

A little bit about what it's like to live in such a small home, from finding space for ourselves to keeping it clean to finding time for the adulting. [read it!]

Riding American Rails, Part 4: Of A Homeward Persuasion

The season of mashed potato sandwich leftovers and reminiscing over family dinners is two hours away from being past tense. Only moments ago we finished quite the dinner with the Zabielski’s, Tristans favorite grandparents with a Pittsburgh address. The Church Brew Works, an historic landmark and former Catholic church turned brewery/eatery, was kind enough to [read it!]

Riding American Rails, Part 2: Into the Texan Dark

Our time in Austin was often spent with friends quick to remind us that the liberally progressive city was an oasis in the great conservative state of Texas. Now that we share our dinner tables and the sightseeing lounge with those from all over this state I can much more clearly see the Republican colors [read it!]

Riding American Rails, Part 1: Off to a Start

It was a 7am wakeup call which lead us into the Austin morning. A final breakfast shared as a whole family before the boys would leave their sweet woman to embark on a crossing of countries, a ride aboard a double decker Amtrak car which would carry them into the frigid northlands of Chicago and [read it!]