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Yay, We’re Full-timers! Now, Where Should We Go?

Some quick ideas on how to figure out where you want to go once you've decided you're going to get gone! [read it!]

Save $4,476 a Year by Living on the Road Full-time

Is it expensive to travel full-time? Or can it actually be cheaper? [read it!]

sunset reflecting in the side of an RV

How to Find the Right Home on Wheels

Helpful resources on where to start looking if you've decided you'd like to live full time on the road. [read it!]

Families on the Road

When I was but a wee young budding parent, the joy that my little man Tristan brought into my days was rivaled only by the reality slowly seeping into my brain that my days of traveling had ended before they’d even really begun. I went on that way for a few years before one day, [read it!]

My son Tristan, long haired and hanging out the window of our 1978 VW Bus

The RV Community

Is there such a thing as "the RV Community"? [read it!]

On Choosing Places to Stay

A short summary of how we typically find a place to stay, of the plethora of locales available to the modern American familia du gypsy.. [read it!]

Waking Wherever

One of my favorite aspects to traveling so frequently is waking wherever. Opening eyes to the random sounds of whatever landscape surrounds us, sometimes chirping birds over the hum of a distant highway, sometimes the banging of construction over the bustle of a city’s morning commute, or the pristine quiet of a state park waking, [read it!]

President Obama Mentions Plugin Hybrid Tech for RVs

Today the President mentioned that there is money on the way to those who would seek to develop a battery that would allow for hybrid RVs. Nifty. [read it!]

RVing in Phoenix, AZ reserved for the Rich and Old

If your license doesn't read 55 or older and your RV doesn't shine like a pig's ass, don't plan on finding a place to RV in Phoenix. [read it!]

Springing Leaks

A flat tire and a busted water main in the RV park. Times are tough, but no tougher than a veggie burger. [read it!]

Piloting an RV

Regaling the adventure that is actually driving the RV, maneuvering America's back roads, taking it as slow as she wants and otherwise thoroughly enjoying the scenery. America can be a great and diverse place, a land utterly sheer in beauty and opportunity for exploration, if only you know where to look (not to mention to actually look.) [read it!]

An RVers Guide to South Austin

A Google Map and brief guide to some of the better coffee shops, bars, restaurants and outdoor activities in South Austin. Meant to serve as a primer to those who might be just getting into the area or thinking of passing through. [read it!]

What is it Like Living in an RV?

A little bit about what it's like to live in such a small home, from finding space for ourselves to keeping it clean to finding time for the adulting. [read it!]

RV Parking Secret in Pittsburgh

A place to park your RV in Pittsburgh, though not exactly a traditional RV park or anything, it's in the heart of one of Pittsburgh's most happening neighborhoods and likely your best (and only) bet if you'd like to visit the city while living the RV lifestyle. [read it!]

Web Working from the Road (Part 3): Creating a Wireless Network in Your RV

Some working examples of how to set up a wireless network in your RV and some of the nifty things you can do with it once it's set up. This article focuses on using Apple's Time Machine and Airport Express to get some of these tasks accomplished, but these items could theoretically be substituted for other similar products. [read it!]