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Web Working from the Road (Part 2): Connecting to the Web via a Wireless Carrier

In this second installment in a four part series on accessing the Internet via the RV lifestyle we'll explore connecting to the Internet via wireless providers like Sprint or AT&T. [read it!]

High Technology: Web Working from the Road (Part 1)

The first in a four part installment covering our experiences with accessing the Internet on the road, the joys, the sorrows, the endless download times... [read it!]

8.4 MPG, Highway

Today we struck out from Memphis and began the long journey to Austin, TX. Like rushing fools, we drove all day and wee into the night, crossing state lines, Bill Clinton’s birthplace, and even enjoying a most authentic Mexican slab of corn flower, retried beans and “seriously, is that chicken or…?” salsa melted cheddar. Our [read it!]

Geico RV Insurance: A Review of our First Claim

When our RV's transmission broke down and we needed roadside assistance, Geico did end up paying us back for all of the towing that was required, but took exceptionally long in doing so. They kept most of their promises, but not without a little extra complaining in the meantime. [read it!]

Leaving Pittsburgh, Part 4 of the Truly Neverending Saga

The RV's transmission is acting up again. Oh yeah, and we're still in Pittsburgh! So much for this being a year on the road. :) [read it!]

Leaving Pittsburgh, Part 3 of the Neverending Saga

I’m going on nearly a week of living out of this trusty red backpack now, as I make my way through a crispy early morning Shadyside to catch the 500 downtown and back into the Amtrak station’s waiting arms. It’s all considerable fun of course, even the constant consecutive early morning wake ups, all in [read it!]

Major Setbacks of the Transmission Variety

After a week of waiting to find out what exactly was wrong with the RV, we found out today that the transmission is totally shot. No forward, no reverse, nothing. So our first setback is proving to be quite the major one. The tranny will cost about $5000 to fix and will take another week [read it!]

Chapter One: We’re Still in Pittsburgh

What grand adventure doesn’t begin without a bit of misfortune? And so we found ourselves without home or the means to propel ourselves forward as we checked into the 11th Floor, 21st Room of the Holiday Inn just off Highway 30 and Interstate 376. We managed to find some exotic seafood, the kind that I [read it!]

Roadside Assistance Required

Today we began our journey, after a long week of packing and 6 long months of planning, saving up enough money and anticipation. The trek began quite stalwartly and we had almost escaped the city of Pittsburgh as we approached the on ramp that would have put us on 376 E to wherever. The RV [read it!]

Wireless Internet Options for Boondockers

There are loads of options for getting the Internet while in your RV, from having your own satellite dish to “borrowing” an open WiFi connection. Some are free and some are quite expensive. Similarly, some are easy and reliable, while other methods rely on luck and hope. Here I’m going to look at two options [read it!]

Comparing Satellite Internet for RVs

While investigating how we would get the Internet into our laptops and keep the coffers filled, I looked at multiple satellite Internet service providers. Here’s a chart to help you compare these services as well as some information below to fill in any blanks. HughesNet WildBlue Dish Network Equipment Cost $199.99 $249 $199 Monthly Service [read it!]

Searching for RVs to Buy

Once you’ve decided on your budget and the type of RV that you want to buy, actually finding vehicles that fit into both categories can become quite the daunting task. We’ve found that there are three primary sources for locating and narrowing down your RV selection. Craigslist This is my preferred stop as Craigslist is [read it!]

Why We Chose to Find a Class C RV

After much debate and consideration over the size of RV that we should purchase, our family reconciled on a larger model of the Class C variety. One of the largest concerns was that we would need plenty of space if we’re actually going to be living in a vehicle, while I was more concerned about [read it!]

Free and Cheap Places to Park Your RV

While in the process of attempting to figure out what our approximate expenses will be, and therefore understand how much RV we can afford, I’ve been researching cheap or free places to camp in an RV. Boondocking is the term for parking somewhere without hookups. Search the Web and you’ll find out that Wal-Mart seems [read it!]

Choosing the RV

It’s easy to get caught up in the excitement of the prospect of living in a different city every month or meeting new people every couple of days, exciting enough to allow the actual purchasing of an RV to slip to the┬áback-burners, but eventually, if you want to live in an RV, you’re going to [read it!]