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RV Wanderlust: Raising Teens, Toddlers and Driving Around the World

“We’re really itching for international travel,” says Brittany Highland of RV Wanderlust from somewhere outside of Pascagoula, Mississippi, “so we throw around ideas on how to do it almost daily. We’ll see what opportunities open up. We just don’t want to waste any time.” We is currently Brittany, her husband Eric, and their three year [read it!]

a toddler runs along a beach

1000 Steps on Stairs

Bisbee's annual stair race event, recanted in Wand'rly fashion. [read it!]

a staircase climbs above a painted sign alongside reading save our stairs, bisbee 1000

Hike the Mule Mountains

The story of two lovers hiking to the "B" at Bisbee, and then onto the Cross altar. [read it!]

a shrine at the top of a mountain, in Bisbee, Arizona

Hike to Taughannock Falls

The story behind Cayuga's most pristine waterfall. [read it!]

taughannock falls pours over the gorge in the brilliance of autumn

Hiking Big Bend, again

Lady, Tristan, Deputy and I hiking various places in Big Bend Country (the National Park & State Ranch, and more) [read it!]

The Deputy

Meet Deputy Dog, the newest addition to our tribe. [read it!]

Climbing Jerome

The Bus barely made it up the grade to Jerome... [read it!]

rugged terrain

Hiking Blackwood Canyon

Hiking Blackwood Canyon with my good chum Roker, Devil's Rock, Sunken Meadows, and all types of goodness in between. [read it!]

Grand Canyoneers

Hip hop hooray! Every year some 40,000 people apply for a backcountry permit to hike the Grand Canyon, but due to environmental impact only 16,000 permits are given each year, with applicants applying as early as 4 months ahead of time often only to be denied. Somehow, after sending in our request only last week [read it!]


I could extol every virtue, use every splint and sliver of writing talent in my bony body, and still never come close to explaining the actuality of Bisbee, Arizona. [read it!]

An RVers Guide to South Austin

A Google Map and brief guide to some of the better coffee shops, bars, restaurants and outdoor activities in South Austin. Meant to serve as a primer to those who might be just getting into the area or thinking of passing through. [read it!]

Last Days in Austin

We'll be leaving Austin today, but I thought I'd take a moment or two to talk about what it is about this place that kept us here for so long. [read it!]

The Alaskan, the Italian Triathalon and the Gypsies: Part 1

The young one and I found ourselves knee deep in the thick of an Appalachian forest today, not out of place in a day surrounded by harrowing feats of childhood. And in the thick of the bramble and heavily foliaged inner working of the forest, just this side of lost ourselves, we ran across a quite unlikely pair: a grandmother walking her grandson. She had a thick life's worth of story to tell, and I'll try and recant it here as best I can. [read it!]