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Not the End of the Road

In Jo's last post on Wand'rly (for now at least!), she struggles with the notion of life's changing parameters, of a traveler who stops, and what that means... [read it!]

Hitchhiking in Pakistan

When I was 20, I hitchhiked across the Sahara dessert by alone. I have yet to stop since. This time around, I find myself in Pakistan. [read it!]

a road in pakistan full of diverse traffic, from pedestrians to cyclists, interesting buses and more

The Train to 1950

Jo, our resident hitchhiker, revisits her mother's town of Filey in the UK. [read it!]

Filey, Yorkshire, UK, England

The Adventure Travel Film Festival 2015

Jo inspired this year's festival organizers to theme the event around hitchhiking! [read it!]

hitchhiking, ATFF, Adventure Travel Film Festival, adventure, travel, film, festival, camping

Trapped in Essex

Like every service station, Thurrock Services is an alienating and frankly quite terrifying place. Crowds of people swarm around ignoring each other and giant signs assault me with information in garish colours. I have packed away my tent and wandered into the service station. I’m in need of coffee, a plug socket, and most of [read it!]

Essex, Lonon, UK, Thurrock

The Perfect Hitch

Quintessential female hitchhikers dwindle one by one as they go off in their respective directions, until Jo Magpie eventually catches the perfect hitch from a tattooed punk rocker back to England. [read it!]

hitchhiking, Balkans, Bulgaria, roadtrip

Hitchhiker’s Heaven

Jo revels in the sheer number of hitchhikers at the hitchgathering, and finds plenty of interesting women to interview for her upcoming book. [read it!]

France, camping, Hitchgathering, hitchhiking

The Meeting at the Bottom of the World

Jo's adventures in hitchhiking, this time trying to find a hitchgathering in the dark. [read it!]

Chute de la Druise, France, hitchhiking, travel, adventure, stealth camping, wild swimming

The Last Hitchhiker

I navigate my way clumsily around the train station, bumbling my way onto the wrong side of a security fence and getting ticked off by a very uptight woman in uniform. Barcelona’s morning rush hour chaos engulfs me. Following the directions on Hitchwiki, I buy a one way ticket to a station just outside the [read it!]

jo magpie hitching out of spain

Train Ride on a Blue Moon

Goodbye Spain, goodbye Hrach as Jo Magpie heads north on her own... [read it!]

The Place Where North Meets South

Granada is a city of travellers. Hippies stroll through town barefoot with long swaying dreadlocks; buskers strum on street corners. The squares and dry brown parks are filled with young people playing drums, reading books, or drinking sangria. This is a meeting point, geographically close to the point where Europe almost touches Africa, but culturally [read it!]

Granada, Spain, travel

How Capitalism Stole Hitchhiking

Jo ponders the differences between paying for rides--via sites like Rideshare--and old fashioned, free, hitchhiking. [read it!]

hitchhiking, shadows, travel, adventure

Just a Weird Camping Holiday

Hitchhiking in Spain proves more difficult than Jo recalls from her youth... [read it!]

Spain, hitchhiking, wild camping, guerilla camping, petrol station, Tarragona, travel fail

The Stinging Nettle in Barcelona

Like the stinging nettle, this community germinated without sanction or permission, and provides healing and precious nourishment. It does so for both its dwellers and the surrounding communities, through its vast vegetable gardens that are open to the neighborhood, their convivialĀ social and cultural activities, their full and radical implementation of sustainable practices, and by their sheer example of what the world could be like. And like the stingingĀ nettle, it has had to and will defend itself against uprooting, if necessary. [read it!]

Barcelona, Can Masdeo, occupied building, squat, community, anarchism

Two Old Friends

Istanbul is caked in white icing. It glitters in the early morning sun. Street dogs nuzzle empty plastic bags in the bus station where we arrive, bleary and sleep-deprived, after 12 hours shifting into ever-decreasingly comfortable positions on the night-bus from Marmaris. We make our way to Taksim Square as the city awakens and bustles [read it!]

rooftops in istanbul