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So Long, Eastern Sierras…

To launch full force from the Eastern Sierras and into Tahoe sets a standard of experience higher than most acts would care to follow. Utterly dazzling are the open desert stretches melding into small town hellos and climbing through Pinyon forests, into Jeffrey pines and arriving at the pinnacle of it all, the pristine Lake [read it!]

The Long Haul: Hoofing it from Tahoe to CO Solo

1,035 hung over miles from the beautiful shores of Lake Tahoe back to the Rocky Mountains. [read it!]

Hiking Blackwood Canyon

Hiking Blackwood Canyon with my good chum Roker, Devil's Rock, Sunken Meadows, and all types of goodness in between. [read it!]

On that California Nevada Border Lives a Secret

Summer perfect lakes and wintertime snow haven. [read it!]

Lake Tahoe

The most beautiful place in the continental US, sheer, blue, clean, refreshing Lake Tahoe. [read it!]

The Loneliest Highway

Rare are the gas stations, desert highlands stretch forever in every direction and the closer you get to California the brighter the Autumn burns. [read it!]

Thrashin’ Revival: Halloween 2009 in Lake Tahoe

I dressed as my high school nickname, Monk the Punk, from Thrashin', that kick ass skate movie from the cheesiest years of the 80's. [read it!]

Hop Train

The hum of the buses engine, the manmade chill of the air conditioner, the blasting sun blinding through my sunglasses, and the serenity of a nearly empty bus that will take me from Truckee, California to Portland over the next two days is my official last experience in the Lake Tahoe Blue for the summer. [read it!]

Two Paths You Can Go Back, but in the Long Run

As we hopped state lines like schoolyard jump ropes these past few days, I was continually drawn to memories of the passing Pittsburgh summer mixed with the anticipation of West Coast adventure. Originally, this roadtrip was to be a reunion of my old high school skate crew; two of them still living close to home [read it!]