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The best in nature this nation has to offer, and we aim to visit every one!

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Greetings from the Everglades!

Eaten alive by mosquitos in America's first National Park dedicated to preserving an eco-system rather than merely geologically impressive features. [read it!]

an osprey perched in a snag

The New River Gorge National River

Exploring the New River Gorge in Autumn. [read it!]

the new river gorge bridge

Greetings from the Capitol of the United States of America!

George Washington, if still somehow his memory or spirit does live in this mighty obelisk, and what may he think from what he sees here today. [read it!]

A Feral Freedom to be Wild

Where horses have learned to live wild within this boundary of law, we find a sunsets bay worth of reminders of our own role in this world. [read it!]

a wild horse grazes in a campground on Assateague Island

Greetings from a Shenandoah National Park!

Wand'rly in a VW Bus + the Mali Mis Airstream crew in a "National Park" for the East! [read it!]

A multitude of colors over layered mountaintops

Small Towns and National Parks of Southern Utah

Exploring the national parks and small towns of Southern Utah in Issue #202 of Wand'rly Magazine. [read it!]

nature and the history of man collide in southern utah

Bryce Canyon

The story of the how the hoodoos came to exist in what is now Bryce Canyon National Park. [read it!]

ribbons of color along the cliffsides of Bryce Canyon National Park

Zion National Park and Springdale, Utah

Finding seclusion in a crowded Zion National Park, and reflections on what it's like to journey this park and the nearby town of Springdale, Utah. [read it!]

mist shrouds the tops of the peaks of Zion National Park

Arches National Park

The sandstone, salt and erosion of Arches National Park in Utah recants us its history, its future, and the time between. [read it!]

one arch, another arch, and the contrast of red and blue that only Utah can afford

Canyonlands National Park

W. Anderson Lee recants a night spent at a corner table watching barfolk interact in Moab, Utah, and pleads to the reader to escape into the wilderness instead. [read it!]

the green river carves deep through desert terrain

High Desert Magic, Utah’s Capitol Reef Country

Bianca Dumas recalls her time living among the outstanding landscapes and with incredible people in Capitol Reef National Park. [read it!]

the lush and desert of an expansive Capitol Reef National Park

Into the Rockies: A Video from Wand’rly

A little home video style movie featuring our family's travels over the past two months, from the Petrified Forest of Arizona to the Colorado Rockies. [read it!]

California Trees

An introduction to Wand´rly Magazine´s issue on the trees of California and the amazing locations where they reside. Sequoia National Park, Redwoods National and State Parks, Joshua Tree and the Eastern Sierras. [read it!]

tall pine tree silhouetted against sunset in Sequoia National Park

Joshua Trees

Photographs and facts about Joshua trees, Joshua Tree National Park, and other plants of the Mojave Desert. [read it!]

joshua trees, twisted and standing tall, against the sunset of a spring desert

Coastal Redwoods

Exploring the tallest trees in the world via Jedediah Smith Redwoods State Park and the rest of California's northern coast. [read it!]

the sun peaks through the redwoods