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A mountain town full of dreadlocks, mountain bikes and home of Bhakti Chai. One of those rare small towns that avoids strip but is near enough a big city and airport that your family could visit. And one of our homelands…

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Pot Tourism

Using and possessing marijuana has been legal in Colorado since December 10th, 2013. As of January 2014, you can buy it in stores. Similar to buying liquor, you need to find a specialty store licensed to do so, and have a valid ID. Other than that, the experience varies widely. Note that marijuana is still [read it!]

a hand holding a large bud of marijuana

Walking Upright Through Nederland, Colorado

A collection of short stories recanting the recollections of the author on friendships, passers-by and the general atmosphere of Nederland, Colorado. [read it!]

glowy neon fade of a domestic beer sign through an old glass and wooden framed portcullis

Nearby Nederland

Hiking, skiing, and roadhouses near and around Nederland, Colorado. [read it!]

as though contours of a mountain, the profile of the sleeping giant stands prominent form a particular dark road through the national forest just before sunset near Nederland, Colorado

Nederland, Colorado

Short tales of the variety of people in Nederland, CO, their ways, and what the town boasts in offerings. [read it!]

the eye of an aspen staring, as usual, from a grove of its fellows

Down the Mountain

This time here in Nederland, CO has been exemplary. Families dance in modest fairground local town festivals to the tunes of exceptional guitarists who are simply fingering around on a random afternoon. The decks of every bar or restaurant privy to such a structure boast men passing around pipes of pot for free like there’s [read it!]

Into the Rockies: A Video from Wand’rly

A little home video style movie featuring our family's travels over the past two months, from the Petrified Forest of Arizona to the Colorado Rockies. [read it!]

Greetings from Nederland, in the Mighty Rockies!

Our favorite small town and a taste of what life is like here. [read it!]

the sun sets behind the Rocky Mountains' Indian Peaks.

Carousel Days…

If you're going to break down, do it somewhere beautiful. [read it!]

two young boys ride a beautiful, handmade carousel

Sleeping Tired Cottages

Thoughts around noon on a Father's Day. [read it!]

the inside of a log cabin bedrom, light pouring in faintly from a window but dramatic enough to cast chiaroscuro the room

A Fox and a Window

My short-lived time in Nederland, Colorado. [read it!]

The Long Haul: Hoofing it from Tahoe to CO Solo

1,035 hung over miles from the beautiful shores of Lake Tahoe back to the Rocky Mountains. [read it!]

Climbing out of Colorado

US Route 40 climbing through and out of Colorado. [read it!]