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Walking Upright Through Nederland, Colorado

A collection of short stories recanting the recollections of the author on friendships, passers-by and the general atmosphere of Nederland, Colorado. [read it!]

glowy neon fade of a domestic beer sign through an old glass and wooden framed portcullis

Nearby Nederland

Hiking, skiing, and roadhouses near and around Nederland, Colorado. [read it!]

as though contours of a mountain, the profile of the sleeping giant stands prominent form a particular dark road through the national forest just before sunset near Nederland, Colorado

Nederland, Colorado

Short tales of the variety of people in Nederland, CO, their ways, and what the town boasts in offerings. [read it!]

the eye of an aspen staring, as usual, from a grove of its fellows

Greetings from Ohiopyle, PA!

The hippest little mountain town in PA. Whitewater rafting, hiking and rolling green hills galore. [read it!]

A river flows wide beneath

Small Towns and National Parks of Southern Utah

Exploring the national parks and small towns of Southern Utah in Issue #202 of Wand'rly Magazine. [read it!]

nature and the history of man collide in southern utah

A Day in the Life of Astoria, Oregon

We walk you up and down the streets of Astoria, Oregon, from breakfast to dinner and a movie, an old fashioned trolley and a woodland hike. [read it!]

moss and lichen grow on an old military battery

Wand’rly Loves Astoria, Oregon

Wand'rly returns to Astoria, Oregon to dig further into just why this grungy little fishing town is so rife with the kind of real living that is nearly impossible to find in the United States today. [read it!]

The Astoria-Megler Bridge spans across the Columbia River, town hangs from a hillside to the south, all the while puffy white clouds abound.

Spring Arrives in Astoria, Oregon

A man is sitting on a stoop several blocks up the hill that is 11th Street in Astoria, Oregon. His long shadow pours down the hillside, a completely blue sky above to match his simple t-shirt and jeans. As a news report tells of some polar vortex transforming most of the nation into some science [read it!]

Loving Astoria, Oregon

Why have we decided to stay in Oregon for nearly three months now? And why has most of that time been in this little coastal town of Astoria? And is it true we may be staying yet another month? But perhaps most importantly, are we really “full-time travelers” if we’re not moving around daily? To [read it!]

Greetings from Cannon Beach on the Oregon Coast!

IPAs over crackling fires, needles stand tall with their oceanic haystacks, and this small coastal town breathes life with the changing tides. [read it!]

stacks rise from the Pacific Ocean as it crashes into Indian Beach, Oregon

Van Tassel

W. Anderson Lee happens upon the smallest town in America, until he heads down the road and finds... [read it!]

a sign reads Population 1, Elevation 4996, Lost Springs, a lone barn sits in the background

Postcard from Ten Sleep, Wyoming

A gas station, finally. Not that there weren’t options miles back the road at a quarter tank, but when your entire family of six is asleep and you’ve got mountain views and open road ahead, you don’t stop and risk ruining the silence of a thick scenery drive. Pulling into the Pony Express gas station [read it!]

Beaufort, SC

The quintessential small southern coast town. [read it!]

sunset over the docks near Beaufort, SC

Folly Beach, South Carolina

A pair of sunglasses takes us from coffee to beach day to evening drinks on beautiful Folly Beach, South Carolina. [read it!]

view of the beach through a pair of sunglasses

Floyd, VA

Floyd Fest attracts some 12,000 fans of everyone from Levon Helms to Leftover Salmon. Not too shabby for a town with a population of 432. [read it!]

an old red dodge pickup on a lazy main street