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Adventures hiking, camping and exploring America’s State Parks.

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The Best Drives in the United States

Thirteen of our favorite drives, and places to camp and explore, in the United States. Includes drives in VT, TX, UT, WA, CA, OR, CO, NE and more! [read it!]

sunset over glacier national park

Snowbirding Southern Arizona for Young Travelers

Amazing places to camp, hike and explore in Southern Arizona. Snowbirding does not have to be a retirees-only affair! [read it!]

a tin top volkswagen bus in a parking lot surrounded by desert

Best Texas State Parks

Our favorite state parks in the Lone Star State, a place full of great, affordable camping in a myriad of natural settings. [read it!]

contrabando canyon alive with color and mystery in Texas' Big Bend Ranch State Park

A Complete Guide to RV Camping in State Parks of the United States

Every state park in the fifty United States which offers camping suitable for RVs. Info on fees, hookups & more. [read it!]

a vintage 1976 airstream travel trailer at big bend ranch state park, surrounded by blue skies and big mountains

Greetings from Picacho State Park!

The hum of the highway, Phoenix outskirts in the distance, and the promise of a campfire. [read it!]

Greetings from Catalina State Park, just North of Tucson!

Coyotes go howl and saguaros go kingly royal with their bicker. [read it!]

Greetings from Fort Davis and the Davis Mountains National Park!

Dark night skies illuminated with the glow of the moon, golden evergreens and other conundrums in beautiful Davis Mountain State Park. [read it!]

Leaving Civilization to Find Family

How leaving civilization behind has brought our family closer. [read it!]

A young family hiking a desert mountain trail

Greetings from Big Bend, and more!

It’s raining just outside of the little enclave of a fire pit and shelter I’m currently calling home. The sound is sweet and soft, in an ironically harsh, contrasting way compared to the usual sounds of freight trains and traffic that play like commercials between good conversation and casual music here in Marathon. I’m sitting [read it!]

Greetings from the Texas Hill Country!

Explorations through Texas' Hill Country. [read it!]

the city of Austin Texas rises above the hill country

Frigid in Florida

When you make America your living room, you hope it will be heated... [read it!]

Georgia State Parks in Autumn

Exploring the state parks of Northern Georgia's Appalachian Mountains through the Autumn season. [read it!]

the colors of autumn fill a mountainous landscape

Greetings from Northern Georgia!

Exploring the stunning natural beauty of GA's state parks and national forests. [read it!]

Autumn is vibrant in mid-November among the Georgia hills

Greetings from Delaware State Beach!

Rambling remembrances of an East Coast state park. [read it!]

Where are the Eastern Conifers?

Out West, conifers typically dominate. The deserts are rife with junipers and pinyons, tough enough to survive as shrubs with little in their tin cups. The redwoods and sequoias outgrow skyscrapers in their respective homelands. Lodgepoles and pondos enjoy entire pure stands where little else can compete with their tenacity over long periods left uncut. [read it!]

A Virginia pine cone, bristled and still closed on the tree