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Old Forge is the new Bethlehem

When I met Jesus in the Adirondacks. [read it!]

Lake Champlaign to Burlington

Leaving the Adirondacks was simplified like boiled down sugar; sweet and finally peaks on the East Coast. Nothing comparable to the Rockies, but truly definitely mountainous. A ferry from Plattsburgh to Vermont was speedy, cool from lake winds, and photolicious, and upon hitting ground on the VT side of Champlaigne, we could immediately tell we [read it!]

Saranac, New York

We took the first left into Saranac, home of the similarly-named craft beer, and parked in the first on street parking space available. I exited the Bus as Lady began promptly releaving her boob from its blousy chamber to feed a ready-for-lunch baby who’d proved himself to be a dream traveler over this past week [read it!]