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How to Find the Perfect Home on Wheels

If you’re reading this post, you’ve probably had the dream too. You know the one. The one where the backdoor of your campervan is wide-open, facing the sea. A mug of tea is steaming in your hand, and you wiggle your toes in the crisp morning air. If you’ve ever had this dream–or a version [read it!]

a young woman fiddling with a camera in the back of her van

6 (Real) Ways to Keep You and Your Van so Fresh and so Clean While on the Road

While traveling with a vehicle gives plenty of freedom and lots of opportunity to explore a country at your own pace, it also has some downsides. One of them is the constant lack of space and often limited access to such things as fresh water, washing facilities and even showers. Leaving your laundry, your dishes–sometimes [read it!]

a sign pointing to a waterfall

8 Things I Learned From Living In A Van

My husband and I have been living in a van for the past 14 months. When we first started this journey, I had no idea what to expect. I imagined our days would be spent driving around, going on a few hikes and hitting up a coffee shop to get some work done. Yoga, reading, [read it!]

a man sitting in a camping chair, working on a laptop, outside of his van

Traveling in Search of the Real Mexico

What will it be like? Will it be harder to travel there than in the States? Will it be more dangerous? These questions ran through my head when we were preparing to travel through Mexico. At this point, we had been on the road in our VW bus for nine months already. We had spent the [read it!]

a young man walks a stone wall in Guanajuato, Mexico, his red and yellow VW Bus parked nearby

Can I Live in a Van?

Sure, living in a van sounds sweet, but can I do it? Can I convince my significant other to drop this cozy pad in Lush City and give up the lattes, Whole Foods, double ply toilet paper and this big, big bed we currently have grown accustom to? Good question. I’ve personally had three vans in [read it!]

a mama and her ninos hanging around their bus

How Not to Buy a Campervan

One couples adventures in purchasing a campervan, finding its many flaws, and taking care of business to get themselves on the road. [read it!]

a van parked near a body of water

Every National Park Suitable for Vandwelling or RVing

Every national park in the United States that has a campground suitable for RVs, or at least vans. Filters for finding those with cell service, electric and more! Over 200 campgrounds! [read it!]

an rv parked beneath a starry sky in a national park

Vandwelling in Europe: Interview with Here Today Vanagon Tomorrow

The exploits of a Canadian family who shipped their Vanagon Stormie to Europe to travel, find themselves and live a closer life. [read it!]

a 1987 Vanagon Syncro in a field of yellow flowers

Vandwelling in Five Steps

Get your mind straight, find the right van for you, ditch your stuff, what you will need and how to earn some cash and maybe save a little, too. [read it!]

a 1978 Champagne Edition Volkswagen Bus with the ASI Riviera Conversion Camper parked along a highway near Palenque, Mexico

A Brief Recollection of a Year in Mexico, or Four Seasons with Five People in a VW Bus

We thought we'd go to Baja for a couple of months. A year later, we're in Quintana Roo. Where to next? [read it!]

Living with Little

Thoughts on how living simply allows us to travel the world full-time, and enjoy more experiences, expensive foods and more...all in exchange for low monthly bills and never needing to clean out the garage. [read it!]

Idle Theory Bus

James and Rachel found a Volkswagen Bus, and in turn found an entirely new way of existing. [read it!]

Rachel of Idle Theory Bus hangs from the window of their Volkwagen Bus as they traverse some road

Mornings with Babies Living in a VW Bus

As the sun rises, so does a family living out of their 1978 Volkswagen Bus. [read it!]

A three year old dangles from the top bunk of a vw bus

Our Home on the Road

A little photo tour through our home on the road, a 1978 Volkswagen Bus. [read it!]

a circular white sticker with the letters PGH on it, stuck to the back of a VW Bus near the tail light

How to Save Money Living on the Road in a VW Bus

Some of the more expensive aspects of living in a Volkswagen Bus, along with some ways to save money. [read it!]

a family doing schoolwork outside of a vw bus while mom packs up the back