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The Best Drives in the United States

Thirteen of our favorite drives, and places to camp and explore, in the United States. Includes drives in VT, TX, UT, WA, CA, OR, CO, NE and more! [read it!]

sunset over glacier national park

Day One: The Universe Will Meet You

Serendipity and the fog of Vermont welcome Amanda further down her road... [read it!]

a contrasty road of tree-lined, canopied twistiness

VT 100 and the Green Mountains

Two lanes, winding curves and endless green (rolling mountains, riverside flora, a myriad variety of trees, and early summer farm sprouts alike) are no doubt what’s put Vermont State Route 100 on countless “Best Drives in America” lists. Winding like a loop around and through the Green Mountains, a range of not-so-high-when-compared-to-the-Rockies but deceptively large [read it!]

Looking Up at Stars

Purchased from a local market where cashier women ogled our Baby and selective certain items like peppers weren’t available, tonight’s fire is born of local fallen timber and campstore cut kindling alike as it boils our aforementioned purchase into an evening’s meal. A can of black beans and refrieds, opened with a pair of pliers, [read it!]