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We love old Volkswagen Buses, in fact we’ve lived in one for over a year, with kids, and a dog! How to keep ’em running, save money on camping, and just general thoughts on life within one of these classic relics.

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Air-Schooled: A Traveling VW Mechanic & Teacher

Robbie McCarthy is a different kind of teacher. Though he was once a public school teacher, his life has a taken somewhat of a turn in recent years. For five months out of the year, he tours the United States teaching people how to maintain their vintage Volkswagen Buses. “I was a middle school music [read it!]

an immaculate vintage Volkswagen Bus parked in a forest

Traveling in Search of the Real Mexico

What will it be like? Will it be harder to travel there than in the States? Will it be more dangerous? These questions ran through my head when we were preparing to travel through Mexico. At this point, we had been on the road in our VW bus for nine months already. We had spent the [read it!]

a young man walks a stone wall in Guanajuato, Mexico, his red and yellow VW Bus parked nearby

Breaking Down in Kansas: Life in a Syncro Named Ripley

There is a feature in the Google Maps app that allows you set a course that avoids all highways. It’s one of our favorite features in any app and we almost always use it when we’re faced with long drives. The slow, meandering scenic route can sometimes take two or three times longer but we [read it!]

a Volkswagen Vanagon Syncro loaded onto the flatbed of a tow truck, lights flashing in the night

Vandwelling in Five Steps

Get your mind straight, find the right van for you, ditch your stuff, what you will need and how to earn some cash and maybe save a little, too. [read it!]

a 1978 Champagne Edition Volkswagen Bus with the ASI Riviera Conversion Camper parked along a highway near Palenque, Mexico

Saluda from La Paz in Beautiful Baja California!

Falling in and out of love with La Paz... [read it!]

a 1978 champagne edition volkswagen bus parked in front of geraldo's in la paz, b.c.s., mexico

Saludos from Loreto!

We trail behind the Mali Mish mini-Mish for a week of working and hot showers in Loreto, Baja California Sur... [read it!]

a 1989 Volkswagen LT parked in Rivera del Mar, Loreto, Baja California Sur

Saludos from Agua Verde Fish Camp!

Ne'er a road as thin, steep, rocky or more beautiful have we driven in this Volkswagen moseyhome on the road of ours... [read it!]

a teenager standing on a cliff overlooking the bay of agua verde

Saludos from Santa Rosalia!

The working town of Santa Rosalia, Baja California Sur, and stingray infested waters beyond... [read it!]

a 1978 Champagne Edition Volkswagen Bus parked between a rickety palapa and a date palm

Saludos from Bahia de Concepcion, Paradise Found in Baja California Sur!

We opt for the less likely campground multiple times as we continue skipping down the Baja...and it always seems to work out. [read it!]

a beautiful woman stands in front of her beautiful VW bus

Saludos from Ojo de Liebre, Home of the Grey Whales!

Petting grey whales, clamming and steadying friendships in Baja California... [read it!]

Sunset over the Pacific, a truck camper, volkswagen bus and their families surround

Why We Decided to Move Back into our 1978 Volkswagen Bus

Thoughts on why we downsized even further from our vintage Airstream to our tiny VW Bus for full-time life on the road. [read it!]

Renee, Winter, Tristan, Wylder and Nathan live in a 1978 Volkswagen Bus

Idle Theory Bus

James and Rachel found a Volkswagen Bus, and in turn found an entirely new way of existing. [read it!]

Rachel of Idle Theory Bus hangs from the window of their Volkwagen Bus as they traverse some road

Saludos from Puertocitos, Baja California!

Our Baja adventure with the Mali Mish family continues as we head south from San Felipe to the hot springs of Puertocitos, Baja California... [read it!]

a young boy wears a shirt that reads Born on the Road


Jorge and Jessica lost a business, began a new life afterwards, gave it all up and took their remote income on the road to explore the forests and cities of North America. [read it!]

a white vanagon with a high top and a bunch of gear on the back, in a rather kick ass setting if i do say so myself

Saludos from San Felipe in beautiful Baja California, Mexico!

As we make our way back into our 1978 VW Bus, we join the Mali Mish crew and cross into Baja Mexico for the Winter... [read it!]

a Four Wheel Truck camper and a 1978 Volkswagen Bus parked beneath palapas in San Felipe