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We love old Volkswagen Buses, in fact we’ve lived in one for over a year, with kids, and a dog! How to keep ’em running, save money on camping, and just general thoughts on life within one of these classic relics.

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Living in a 1987 Vanagon, Interview with Where’s My Office Now?

Corey and Emily travel the country in their Vanagon, Boscha, inspiring all travelers to create community through our shared passions. [read it!]

a small, white 1987 Vanagon parked against a brick wall

Mornings with Babies Living in a VW Bus

As the sun rises, so does a family living out of their 1978 Volkswagen Bus. [read it!]

A three year old dangles from the top bunk of a vw bus

Greetings from a Shenandoah National Park!

Wand'rly in a VW Bus + the Mali Mis Airstream crew in a "National Park" for the East! [read it!]

A multitude of colors over layered mountaintops

In Rainy Boots and Puddlehopping

I’m laying in a tent with a laundry bag for my pillow and a fresh beer resting on a suitcase-for-a-nightstand. The Lady is putting the kids to bed a few feet over in the Bus. Once again, it is raining. Through the open tent door and as the pitter of a steady fall of liquid [read it!]

A bay window Volkswagen bus covered in rain

For the Love of a Bus

“My curiosity got the best of me,” he says, 6’3″ or so, lean, and riding a bike. He’s at least 60, and looks good in silver hair and glasses. He’s referring to the Bus. “What year is it?” “A ’78,” I reply. Old hat for me, but I love talking about her. He asks about [read it!]

Back in the Bus

We're living out of our Volkswagen Bus again. :) [read it!]

Sea Islands

While the adventurous sailing team, rested from the holidays, continues their adventure south, passing Beaufort, South Carolina and on to Sapelo Island, Kate reflects on childhood memories of traveling in a VW Bus. [read it!]

muddy waters surround the sea islands near Georgia

Three Vehicles, Three States, and a Goodbye

A driveway full of vehicles, a house about to be left behind, and some good ol' fashioned reminiscing. [read it!]

a photo of three different license plates from three different states on three different vehicles

Our Home on the Road

A little photo tour through our home on the road, a 1978 Volkswagen Bus. [read it!]

a circular white sticker with the letters PGH on it, stuck to the back of a VW Bus near the tail light

How to Find the Right Home on Wheels

Helpful resources on where to start looking if you've decided you'd like to live full time on the road. [read it!]

Rolled Her Over

20,000 miles after she first came into our lives, we rolled the Bus’ odometer over yesterday. That puts her at…well I don’t actually know the total miles. The guy who sold it to me, and I quote “judging by the condition of this carpeting, I think that’s 80,000 original miles.” Hmm, perhaps he should get [read it!]


A fella corrected me today on my declaration that we’d been “camping for a few nights” by reinforcing the well known belief that if you’re not in a tent, you’re not roughing it. He was a nice enough old gent, red in the neck but floral hippie of hat, and in the few several moments [read it!]

Riding in Buses with Family

Tristan, on the road, was at his best in the Bus. Keep it moving and he was as happy as a clam tented up in the back with his Gameboy 4000 and the endless miles. Deputy, too, was at his best (and nearly only good) in the traveling confines of her belly. I (and my [read it!]

children riding in a Volkswagen Bus


To date, we’ve logged 17000 miles. That’s back and forth across the US well over five times. It took us two engines, but for a 33 year young vehicle, that’s fun stuff. We’ve lived on the road for 234 days, 228 of that straight back to back. We’ve got 6 logged in these latest travels. [read it!]

The Way We Drive By

A few notes about the good devices in which we are fortunate enough to travel. [read it!]