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Thomas, WV

Exploring East Avenue in Thomas, West Virginia and the surrounding Autumn forest. [read it!]

a red brick building on the corner of a main street, a VW bus parked out front

The New River Gorge National River

Exploring the New River Gorge in Autumn. [read it!]

the new river gorge bridge

Greetings from West Virginia!

Far from the stereotypes we've been taught, West Virginia is an outdoor haven, full of small town charm and rugged beauty. [read it!]

Craggy mountain cliffs jut from a wooded hillside

A Hiking Sure We Went

Three hikers lose their way after discovering a gruesome sight, and face the challenges of friendship and camping. [read it!]

a tent is illuminated from the inside, billions of stars shine through the night sky silhouetting the treeline above

Fayetteville, WV

A town so desirable, yet still small, that you can't even rent an apartment here if you'd want to... [read it!]

the New River Gorge Bridge, a massive span looming in the air above a gorgeous blue sky rivaled only by the white water rapids below

Greetings from Rifrafters Campground

Fayetteville is just across US 19 to the east, its local Pizza & Pints Saturday night hotspot no doubt filling up with families looking for a slice and 20-somethings interested in the local Bridge Brew Works latest offerings. The cafe housed in an old church has been closed for hours. For the most part, town at this time of night is sleepy. [read it!]

a massive bridge spans over a river, a forested gorge, from the point of view of a speedboat