The Thinking Man


The greatest threat to the thinking man today is self-doubt.

Who is “the thinking man” you ask? The definition is the term. Anyone who thinks, really, but let’s quantify that a bit more.

The “thinking man” is the person who sees obfuscation in the every day normality we’ve all collectively decided is our way of life. It’s the guy who wonders why you can’t make a left on red on a one way street and the woman who questions why “women’s lib” seems to mean she works a job and does all the cooking, cleaning, etc. around the house. It’s the teenager questioning the validity of 45 years of working in exchange for a lesser quality of life for the remaining 20 or so, as much as it is the grandfather passing down the kind of wisdom only a lifetime of mistakes can inspire. It’s anyone, really, who is finding it difficult to accept things at face value without question.

To be that way though, well it’s tough in a modern world. I suppose the very definition of challenging the status quo is “it’s tough”, but hey, we circle around to the point.

Self-doubt, as disheartening as it is and as powerful an effect as it might have on our day to day, is a good thing. In fact, it’s a byproduct of being a successful human being.

And I’m not measuring success in dollars, fame or even sheer accomplishments. I measure success as a human in terms of how far along you’ve taken your innate superpowers.

Because let’s face it, humanity is Superman and the rest of the world, in terms of relative power, is a baby in a coma. This earth and the apes and volcanos and redwoods and gravity it holds over us are no match for our ability to overcome. Much larger animals than we are afraid of us. We have satellites in space which can tell us exactly how to go anywhere we want. We have, as a species, dominated this planet to the point of creating an alternate reality we call civilization.

With that knowledge in mind, I think it’s more than okay that some of us may see all of this virtual and question how far away from actually being alive we are. And if said thoughts transform into doubts about our own selves, be it questions of mortality, the afterlife, or longing for some distant simpler past, well you’d be crazy not to have those thoughts.

You are, after all, we all are the thinking man.