Affordable, Convenient
The Bunkhouse

a small room with a comfortable bed, microwave, TV, sink, fridge and bathroom


The hum of US 101 carries up into our window as we tuck in for the night, our wallets only $45 lighter than they’d been before we ducked into the Bunkhouse.

Just south of Manzanita lives a little motel. Nothing fancy, but completely and locally owned by a native couple, and with a with a price tag that makes it, simply, the best deal in the area for anyone looking for shelter in the area that doesn’t involve pitching their own tent or sleeping on someone else’s couch. There are roughly twenty motel rooms lining the southern edge of the property, a small office, and a restaurant where though you’ll typically catch some news channel telling the tales of the day while you enjoy a decent meal (try their chili), you can even ask them to throw on a football game and the wonderfully pleasant owners of the eatery will likely oblige. It’s the few rooms above the restaurant that are the cheapest, and they’re small, but completely adequate for a home base while you explore everything that Tillamook and Clatsop counties have to offer.