Glacier National Park

a mountain towering into a blue sky, a mountain goat stands looming nearby


Glacier National Park is just one of those places that leaves you feeling like something more is happening.

Something more than meets the eye, though eye candy is so abundant one might think they were in some natural version of Willy Wonka’s factory. Something more than the crisp air against your neck, the sound of glacial runoff meandering as stream after stream growing wildflowers. Something more than the sound of elk and mountain goats and deer and bighorn sheep wandering the mountainsides all around you.

It’s a feeling, like this was one of those places that, as the world was being formed, was designated as a crown for her majesty Mother Earth to don. The name of the primary road through the park is the Going-to-the-Sun Road, and it is a wonderland from start to finish. Whether you just drive the road itself and watch the sun dive in and out behind the many massive crags, all wearing glaciers for flare, or you get out of your car and hike into it all, you can get a sense of just how astounding this place is, and even more so must have been for the natives and first white explorers–Lewis and Clark–who wandered through it.

a glacier on a mountain above a field of flowers
A glacier slowly melts, trickling down streams through the foothills creating lush life
the sun half set behind a mountain
Sunset in Glacier National Park
a mother mountain goat and her baby stand along a trail
A mama mountain goat and her baby enjoy dinner trailside.
a beautiful lake
Hidden Lake sits beneath Bear Hat, Gunsite Mountain can be seen in the distance.
a mother deer and fawn
Protecting her fawn.
green trees and colorful plants thrive amongst standing burnt trees
A new forest grows between the burned snags of the previous one, which fell to flames in 2003.
sun sets purple and orange hues over layers of mountains
The sun bidding Glacier National Park goodnight, as seen from the Going-to-the-Sun Road.

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